Beware the fossilised females who caused this Church crisis

Point of View Wed 21 Nov, AT 15:00

Without female bishops, something rich and fundamental is missing from the Anglican Church

Wayne Rooney

Sorry, Wayne, but the Premier League needs a salary cap

Point of View Fri 16 Nov, AT 10:35

A cap on salaries would save the clubs and make for better matches across the Premier League

England football centre: what's the point if clubs don't care?

Point of View Wed 10 Oct, AT 08:38

William and Kate open state-of-the-art facility – but don't you hold your breath for any improvements

Nigella's Nigellissima: kitsch fantasy or ironic work of art?

Point of View Mon 1 Oct, AT 10:56

Nigella–baiting from mainly male critics overlooks the complexities that make us keep watching

Pussy Riot: Russia needs more superheroes to stand up to Putin

Point of View Thu 9 Aug, AT 07:56

Punk performance challenged the rise of Russian Orthodoxy and its links to the far right

Robert Hughes: the Aussie who crashed through art's barriers

Point of View Tue 7 Aug, AT 13:59

If he hadn't left home, would he have become one of the greatest writers on art since Baudelaire?

Australia's Olympic failure: a wake-up call for Team GB

Point of View Tue 7 Aug, AT 08:26

Only 12 years since the euphoria of Sydney, Australia is way down the Olympic medals table

Athletes put useless footballers in the shade – but for how long?

Point of View Mon 6 Aug, AT 10:42

While Team GB was racking up six golds, our footballers were flunking penalties once again

Danny Boyle's Britain is being dismantled brick by brick

Point of View Mon 30 Jul, AT 07:51

Why the Tory MP who hated Boyle's 'leftie multicultural crap' has nothing to worry about

Sydney Straya's guide to putting on a bonza Olympics

Point of View Fri 20 Jul, AT 07:43

We asked an old hand from Sydney 2000 to tell G4S and the UK government how it should have been done