Simon Cowell Gary Barlow

Ratings down, but Barlow has improved The X Factor

Point of View Tue 11 Oct, AT 12:51

The ‘massive twist’ may be a mistake, but The X Factor without Simon Cowell is better than ever

Syria President Bashar al-Assad

Russia and China deserve praise for Syria veto

Point of View Thu 6 Oct, AT 09:25

Anyone who wishes for a peaceful world should welcome this double veto against UN sanctions

British train

Bring back British Rail - a surefire vote winner

Point of View Thu 18 Aug, AT 08:36

Labour should pledge to re-nationalise railways and put UK on a par with other Europeans

Silvio Berlusconi

Italian voters finally desert Berlusconi

Point of View Tue 17 May, AT 17:31

Scandal-hit Berlusconi's electoral support collapses in his traditional northern powerbase

Tunisia's President Ben Ali and Donald Rumsfeld

Why did we never know how rotten Tunisia was?

Point of View Mon 17 Jan, AT 07:47

Thanks to the west taking his side, President Ben Ali got away with his corrupt rule for 23 years

Zola Tongo

Murder: Cape Town hits out at prejudiced UK press

Point of View Thu 9 Dec, AT 13:12

Mark Paterson: Taking thehusband’s side, visitingreporters infuriate localswith their casual racism

Protest against George Osborne's cuts

Austerity hypocrites have no right to attack Osborne

Point of View Thu 21 Oct, AT 10:30

Brendan O'Neill: Liberal thinkers have advocated an age of austerity - so why are they now complaining?

Smoking resistance takes on Europe’s health Nazis

Point of View Mon 8 Dec, AT 00:00

The banning of tobacco displays in Britain is another victory for the anti-smoking zealots. But it’s a different story on the continent...

Big Brother’s South African rape horror show

Point of View Thu 1 Nov, AT 11:00

The controversial reality show is in deeper water than ever, reports Mark Paterson

It’s time to abolish the RAF

Point of View Fri 12 May, AT 13:42

We’d have a more efficient, streamlined armed forces without the air corps