Tebbit and Montgomery turn on the 'government of chums'

Apr 3, 2012
The Mole

The 'blue on blue' attacks keep coming: first Tebbit on 'chums', now Tim Montgomery's 'four wrongs'

THE 'BLUE on blue' attacks by Conservatives on their colleagues are getting worse. Tory blogger Tim Montgomery claims there are at least four distinct Conservative groups who think that Cameron and Osborne have got it wrong.

In an astonishing admission, Monty says on the ConservativeHome website - the grassroots Tory noticeboard - that fellow Conservatives accuse Dave and George of getting it wrong in four ways:

Some Conservative backbenchers worry about the decision to emphasise cutting the deficit rather than measures to enhance economic competitiveness. This has raised concerns that growth and job creation will be inadequate by the time of the next election.

The fact that Cameron and Osborne travel light ideologically means they lack support from the party's Thatcherites and Eurosceptics.

The failure to win an election against the hapless Gordon Brown has worried Tory MPs in marginal constituencies.

The stubborn clinging to unpopular projects like the NHS Bill and the Big Society - long after they've proven to be political handicaps. This has reinforced the sense that the Conservative leadership doesn't listen to advice."

The impression that the Tories are tearing themselves apart has been reinforced by Lord Tebbit, the former Conservative Party chairman, who in today's Times attacks Cameron's "Government of chums" who are too inexperienced and don't understand their own party.

The Commons is currently on its Easter break but Cameron will face a party at war with itself when they return to Westminster unless he gets a grip.

And it can only get worse if the Tories continue to slump in the polls.

A survey for Lord Ashcroft, the Tory backer, on ConservativeHome today shows that voters think Labour is more honest and principled than the Tories.

Perhaps more worrying for Cameron is the slide in the Tory lead over Labour on the economy which has collapsed since the Budget and Osborne's inept 20 per cent tax on warm pasties.

A ComRes poll at the weekend found the "trust" gap between the Conservative team and the Labour team was 25 points before the Budget and is now 4 points.

Anyone else would get the sack as Chancellor, but as Tebbit says Cameron and Osborne are 'chums'. There were doubts in the City about Osborne being too lightweight before the election. Osborne is looking more and more like the weakest link. How long before Cameron winks and says 'goodbye'?

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LibLabCons are all the same,looking after No.1 (i.e.themselves)
We need a fresh approach and the May local elections will give us a voice.
I like UKIP or the English Democrats myself.

Given that the soi disant 'majors' have fewer paid supporters, nationally, than a local 3rd division football club, here's wild'n'wacky suggestion.
VOTE INDEPENDENT, Euro, council and nationally. At least you'd know they'd be representing you, not the party financiers.
eg - look at how easily, and apparently unashamedly, Ashcroft is described as the Tory backer - is he yet a resident for tax purposes?