Galloway tells Tory bigwig Warsi: 'It's not the Queen’s fault'

Apr 20, 2012
Ben Riley-Smith

Anti-establishment Scot turns royalist for a moment during Question Time

BRADFORD WEST MP George Galloway has had many labels thrown at him during an eventful political career: populist, narcissist, appeaser of "indefatigable" foreign dictatorships. But after the newly elected Scot's appearance on BBC2's Question Time last night, another more surprising tag can be added to that list: monarchist.

Galloway found himself defending the Queen after Conservative Party chairman Baroness Warsi attempted to distance the government from the growing controversy in Bahrain.

At first, Warsi got away with fudging the issue of whether Formula 1 should go to Bahrain, saying the government could only give advice and had no power to stop drivers travelling. But when she tried a similar line on whether the Queen should disinvite the King of Bahrain from her Diamond Jubilee celebrations this summer, Galloway intervened.

"The decision for the King to attend the Queen's Diamond Jubilee is a decision taken by the Royal Family," said Warsi, but Galloway butted in. "It's not and you know that's not true," he said. He then attempted to pin the decision to the government, saying: "The Prime Minister advises on these matters."

Warsi accepted that Cameron plays an advisory role, but went on to insist that it is the Queen who decides who to invite to her party, not the government. Galloway disagreed. "You shouldn't blame the Queen," the 57-year-old said. "It's not the Queen's fault."

If it was a surprise to see a famously anti-establishment politician defending the British monarchy against a Tory grandee, Galloway's fiery performance throughout the rest of the show was more predictable. The Scot has reinforced his reputation as a rousing rhetorician after his shock by-election win in Bradford West where he beat Labour by 10,000 votes.

Times columnist David Aaronovitch, a former socialist who was also on the panel, came in for a particular bruising when Galloway accused him of blindly supporting New Labour, a party he sees as having moved too far to the right. "Are you a journalist or a servant of the Blairs?" Galloway barked at Aaronovitch at one point, followed by an audible intake of breath from the studio audience.

He continued to barrack the journalist later. "Were you a communist?! Were you a leading communist?!" Galloway shouted. Aaronovitch responded: "I was a communist, but you were still to the left of me George."

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Aaronovitch is certainly no journalist. He is a zionist supporter who puts forward their agenda. He continues to work for the disgraceful Murdoch machine. He came across as an idiot - as if people believe his concern for Syria given his zealous support for the war on the Iraqis and now the Iranian people. 

I do not profess to know an awful lot about politics but what Mr. Galloway said last night about Labour losing it's way and there being no choice between the parties is so true.  Labour is no longer the party of the working class.  They certainly have lost their way, forgotten that Labour came about from early trade unions and was mainly made up of trade union members.  The more I see of these three main parties the more I believe there is something in the writings and claims of David Icke.  Perhaps we should use these columns to give our preferences of parties outside the main three who all stand for the same thing: 

By David Icke
October 23, 2010

The most effective and most unchallenged form of
human control is that Which the population doesn't see. Who is going to rebel
about not being free When they think they are?
Key to that illusion of freedom is the illusion of
choice. Once people Realise they have no choice in the force and agenda that
governs their society The penny drops that they live in a one-party state, a

The task of any Control System, therefore, which
has ambitions for long Term pre-eminence, is to maintain the façade of
political choice and central To this is 'the people's right to vote'. 

David Icke has been condemned for his writings and labelled afanatic.   How many can remember Enoch Powell getting a similar label when he warned of mass immigration!!! 

While I disagree with his politics George is a breath of fresh air in Westminster,give some others a chance at the local elections coming up in May.
Make the effort to get out and vote,you know it makes sense.