Tories put the boots - and stilettos - in to Baroness Warsi

May 28, 2012
The Mole

It looks increasingly likely this morning that Warsi will have to resign to clear her name over expenses

TORY-SUPPORTING Daily Mail columnist Amanda Platell has put the stiletto heel into Baroness Warsi making it more likely she will have to quit as a Conservative party co-chairman 'to clear her name' over allegations of falsely claiming an overnight allowance of £165.50 a night.

Reviewing the papers on the Andrew Marr Show, the Aussie lady in the red dress blamed David Cameron for "parachuting" Warsi into government because he wanted to put the first Muslim in a British Cabinet.

Warsi swanned around a Downing Street garden party last Thursday hosted by Cameron and attended by Fleet Street hacks serenely unaware that the next morning she would be confronted with the allegations by The Sunday Times. This morning the whole of Fleet Street is calling for her to quit.

Platell said if Warsi did not know the rules after the expenses scandal "God help us". La Platell also pointed out Warsi had few friends in the Tory Party. Right on cue, they came out of the woodwork this morning to put the boot in.

Disgraced Tory peer Lord Hanningfield compared his own case with the allegations surrounding Warsi. He was sent to prison for a year for claiming the overnight allowance to stay in London while he was taken back to Essex each night.

"I don't want to say anything against Baroness Warsi, but as I said at my trial, 85 per cent of peers were claiming the full allowances," the former Conservative frontbencher told The Daily Telegraph.

Warsi claimed up to £165.50 a night while staying at a London house belonging to Dr Wafik Moustafa. She said she was entitled to the expenses because she had paid a "financial contribution" to her political aide, Naweed Khan, when both were non-paying guests at the house.

But Dr Moustafa, a GP, insisted in the Telegraph that he received no money and said he was "disgusted" that she had claimed taxpayers' money when he had simply been "helping out" the two party members by offering his free hospitality.

Warsi, who this morning referred herself to the Lords standards watchdog in an effort to stop the speculation, has also admitted failing to declare rental income from a flat she owns, but the expenses claim is the more damaging allegation. The BBC reported this morning Tory suspicions that she was stitched up because Cameron withdrew support for the Conservative Arab Network pushed by Egyptian-born Moustafa.

Platell, who once acted as a spin doctor for William Hague, may have the airs of one who would like to be a lady in the Lords, but over Warsi she has plenty of allies. Coming in the same week as Cameron is trying to stop Jeremy Hunt from being forced out because of his links to the Murdoch empire, Warsi looks like a lost cause.

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Why was she made a Baroness 

Time and again this scum steals from us while spending their time calling the disabled scroungers.

This is why they should be jailed and never allowed near any sort of position of responsibility. They are the worst of society, they steal and lie and somehow think it is their right.

Despite the "Expenses scandal" politicians continue to use expenses to provide a second or third income.  Warsi is just one more to come to light but most likely because of her recent comments that expose the lie of Cameron's multiculturalism.  If she had not spoken out then she would probably have been left to continue unhindered but she did speak out so now Cameron and his toadies are dropping her in it.

Has a home in Yorkshire, another in London which she rents out and yet she can claim £165.50p a night? How on earth do they survive in 21st century Britain where many people don't have jobs. Where the government is actively cutting benefits to those people and the disabled. Where the government is making people homeless because of housing benefit caps. There are people out there who are disabled and get less per week to live on than she gets for ONE NIGHT's Allowance. The government are making it criminal to sublet a council house, yet she rents her SECOND HOME OUT AND THE TAX PAYER PAYS FOR HER TO STAY ELSEWHERE! I have never been so disgusted in my life. This country needs a viable alternative to the ConDems and Labour.

 Hubris, and a sense of entitlement, should not put politicians or bankers above the law!

Whatever the rights and wrongs about rent etc, this case is all about Sayeeda Warsi's unstinting opposition to the abuse of Islam. She is the first to say that child-grooming gangs are composed of Pakistanis, not "Asians", and has upset a lot of powerful people - remember David Cameron is a founder-member of the so-called Unite Against Fascism. However this pans out I hope we see more and more of the Baroness, who is Prime Ministerial material; I doubt, however, that she could perform that office for the Conservatives.

Both Hunt and Warsi should go.  She should be prosecuted for fraud and he should be more thoroughly investigated for being bribed, he was not pushing for Murdoch and BSkyB out of the goodness of his heart.  Why is it that someone with plenty of money that committs fraud can get away with it but the ordinary working class would be at the least sacked and probably prosecuted for claiming a few £s whereas these MPs have got away with claiming thousands of pounds over the years.  Of course those of you that were old enough to remember Margaret Thatcher's reign will remember that during the time of the wage freeze that she altered the way MPs could claim expenses so that they wouldn't suffer the lack of income the same way as the rest of us did.

The expenses scandal was a grossly overblown issue - it is part of corporate culture and  capitalism's way of doing things. It was encouraged by Thatcher - no doubt at the behest of her husband or son who would have been used to rifling expense accounts by as much as one could get away with. Journalists do it all the time. If members of the Lords are entitled to London accommodation expenses and have friends willing to put them up gratis so be it. Those "friends" do it for their own agenda. That's no reason why the member should not claim London accommodation expenses. At some time or another Warsi would have had, in a common decency, to repay her benefactor with similar hospitality which justifies those expenses which have been claimed in advance. Fiddling of expenses isn't really regarded as "fiddling" - there are so many items for which one has been out of pocket for which there has been no receipt that  the claimant is generally the loser. This is particularly the case in the political world. I'm sure piss poor journalist botoxed Platell is a pass master of the art - it would be part of her Oz heritage.To quote Hancock to the Oz Immigration officer  " Criminal record ? - is it still necessary" ?.