Syrians fired on locals; Palin’s BP email shame; Fred the Shred’s lover quits

Jun 12, 2011
Staff Reporter

Pick of the news reports and comment from the Sunday newspapers

From political intrigue, to business scandal to scurrilous tales of the rich and famous, our trawl through the gutters of Britain's Sunday papers is posted before 12 noon every week.

SYRIAN TROOPS 'DIDN'T CARE WHO THEY SHOT'Syria has been accused of firing on the remaining locals, ambulance men and fighters who had laid down their weapons in the town of Jisr al-Shughour, reports the Observer. As The First Post reported yesterday, a humanitarian crisis is looming on the border with Turkey after 'most' of the town's 40,000 residents fled there for safety.

ED MILIBAND: DAMNING POLL RESULTSThe Sunday Times reports that a YouGov poll suggests 41 per cent of Labour voters believe it was a mistake to give the younger Miliband brother the party leadership. The results, disastrous for Ed Miliband, include more than half of respondents saying they do not know what the "ineffective" Labour leader stands for.

AL QAEDA MASTERMIND DEADThe man who planned the bombing of the US embassy in Kenya in 1998 has been killed in Somalia, reports the Observer. Fazul Abdullah Mohammed was also responsible for an attack on the US embassy in Tanzania. Hundreds died in the two incidents. The militant was shot dead near Mogadishu when he failed to stop at a checkpoint.

PALIN EMAILS REVEAL EMBARRASSING BP LINKSarah Palin's emails from her days as governor of Alaska, made public yesterday under US freedom of information rules, have yielded at least one story which will embarrass the politician, who is expected to run for president in 2012, says the Observer: Palin begged unpopular BP boss Tony Hayward for an oil pipeline.

RYAN GIGGS: SISTER-IN-LAW HAD ABORTIONNatasha Giggs, who admitted to an eight-year affair with her brother-in-law, the one-time holder of a superinjunction, Ryan Giggs, says she fell pregnant by him weeks before she was married to Rhodri Giggs. She told the News of the World the football star insisted on a termination – and delivered £500 to pay for it, on his mountain bike.

RAF PILOTS START FRENCH LESSONSThe first five of 30 RAF pilots who may have to use French jets while the UK waits for delivery of the new Joint Strike Fighters, have begun French language lessons at Collège Interarmées de Défense in Paris, the Mail on Sunday reports. The pilots will need the new skill when they fly from Frances Charles de Gaulle aircraft carrier.

IT'S BOYZOVER, SAYS LOUIS WALSHPop impresario Louis Walsh has quit as manager of long-in-the-tooth boyband Boyzone – and told the Irishmen they should call it a day, reveals the News of the World. The paper says the band have never recovered from the death of former member Stephen Gately – and squeaky-clean singer Ronan Keating's affair.

A LOT OF SOLE: WILLS, HARRY AND THE BROGUESPrince Harry and Prince William, currently sharing an apartment at Clarence House in London – with Kate Middleton – have taken to scrawling a 'W' or an 'H' on the soles of their shoes to avoid mixing them up, the Sunday Times. claims. The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge will move into Kensington Palace later this summer.

FRED THE SHRED'S LOVER RESIGNS FROM RBSBanking super-villain Fred Goodwin's former colleague and lover, a woman who cannot be named in the press because of a gagging order granted to Goodwin, has resigned from Royal Bank of Scotland, says the Sunday Times. The woman's lawyers are appealing a court decision which permitted discussion of her job description.

SUPERMAN DROPS HIS UNDERPANTSThe Independent on Sunday reveals that Superman is back – and this time, he's not wearing pants. The Caped Crusader returns in a revamp of all DC Comics titles drawn by Ralph 'Rags' Morales and written by Scotsman Grant Morrison – but his super-modesty will be preserved by the blue trousers he used to sport under his red knickers.

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