Lady Thatcher 'death' T-shirts spark outrage among Tories

Sep 11, 2012

Shirts on sale outside TUC conference in Brighton say trade unionists will dance on former PM's grave

T-SHIRTS sold at the TUC annual conference rejoicing in the future death of Margaret Thatcher have not only appalled the Right, they appear to have upset the Left as well.
The T-shirts, being sold outside the main hall at the Brighton Centre, included one design with a picture of Thatcher's Spitting Image puppet and the words 'Hey ho the witch is dead'. Another featured a white cross with 'Thatcher' across it and the slogan: 'A generation of trade unionists will dance on her grave'.
Conservative MPs were quick to condemn the T-shirts, which were raising funds for the Derbyshire Unemployed Workers' Centre.
Conor Burns, Tory MP for Bournemouth West, who regularly visits Lady Thatcher at her home in central London, told The Daily Telegraph that the "sickening sentiments" speak to "something disordered in the human condition".
Priti Patel, MP for Witham, said she was "appalled" at what she described as "a desperate and disrespectful act by the TUC". While Aidan Burley, MP for Cannock Chase, said: "This sick merchandise tells you all you need to know about some in the union movement - baseless, cowardly and utterly devoid of morality."
Burley said Ed Miliband should condemn the T-shirts and the police should investigate.
Guido Fawkes noted that Miliband had yet to comment on the "taunting” of Lady Thatcher. "Being stuffed full of union cash does put him in quite a tricky position," wrote Guido. "[He] hardly wants to upset his paymasters who are obviously keen on dancing on Maggie Thatcher's grave."
But Dan Hodges, a Labour supporter who writes about the party with self-confessed “tribal loyalty", said the T-shirts do not demean Thatcher but the Left.
"T-shirts proclaiming 'Hey ho the witch is dead' don't demean or belittle Margaret Thatcher. They demean every one of us who lays claim to the word 'progressive,'" he wrote for The Daily Telegraph.
TUC general secretary Brendan Barber has since described the T-shirts as "tasteless and totally inappropriate", while a TUC spokesman has tried to distance the TUC from the Workers' Centre selling the merchandise.
But some delegates at the TUC are not feeling quite so repentant. The Workers' Centre claims to have sold 20 of the T-shirts. One delegate told The Guardian that they were "not particularly appalled" by the merchandise and another insisted that the accusations of insensitivity should be levelled at the Conservative party for its policies during the Thatcher era.
Andy McSmith, a senior writer for The Independent and author of No such thing as society: a history of Britain in the 1980s, tweeted: "Mugs on sale at TUC with slogan 'I still hate Thatcher'. If you do, it's your problem, not hers. She barely remembers who she is."

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Anti Thatcher t-shirt Boo
Indian cartoons Hooray
Other people's corruption, spite, and favouritism are plain, but we ouselves never suffer from them. After all, even the stylised violence of crippling poverty imposed from "above" and deliberate social exclusion never justify a few hard words, do they? Especially in this era when demonstration attendance can be fatal.

this is the most offensive things i have ever seen ,does there lack of respect and general depravity know no limits these peaple should be eturnally reminded of there wrong doing

Okay they are in bad taste I suppose but these T-shirts are aimed at raising money so what better than to depict the hatred the majority of Britons had for Maggie and her policy of destroying the Trade Unions at any cost and as it turns out that cost was the destruction of our industry as we knew it. Maggie Thatcher wore blinkers and had only one purpose in mind and that was to bring down the working class of this country, the Tories have never forgiven us for rising up out of the gutter where they would have preferred us to stay, in our hovels and dying and being maimed through lack of nourishment and to buy even a loaf of bread. If she had had her way we probably would have seen the re introduction of the "corn laws" or similar. People particularly in Wales, the North of England and Scotland suffered greatly under her regime, regime is the only word to describe her years in office as P.M. We are probably seeing a glimpse of what Cameron will face in his old age if he keeps putting down the most vulnerable of this country and continues in his aim to destroy the NHS. Shame on Maggie and shame on Cameron. I will buy a T-Shirt if they come this way and wear it proudly.

wouldn't mind one of those tshirts m'self

If there is something' disordered in the human condition' then you've got to ask yourself why and how this has developed. Similarly,to say there is no such thing as society is deeply flawed. We are reaping the consequences of this philosophy every day of our lives.

Every day we are reminded of Thatcher's wrong doings one way or another.

why dont we start selling swatchka to raise money for Cancer? This is just vile. Thatcher was from another time. She is a wide open target. I'd like to have seen what would of happened with the left in charge in that time. I am no Thatcher fan but leave the woman alone. aaah but this is for charity.

how are we reminded? The t-shirt is vile.