Nick Clegg sings sorry: could autotune video rescue deputy PM?

Sep 20, 2012

Nick Clegg’s original YouTube tuition fees apology was a disaster - but the spoof is making waves


HAS a remixed spoof of Nick Clegg's tuition fees apology video saved the Lib Dem Deputy PM from a political roasting?

Clegg released his YouTube clip last night, saying that: "There is no easy way to say this: we made a pledge. We didn't stick to it – and for that I am sorry.”

The video elicited a sceptical reaction from both politicians and press, with some saying it was a tactical error.

The Daily Telegraph said that Clegg was acting like "a husband caught cheating on his wife who tells her he's sorry he took the marriage vow to be faithful” while opposition deputy leader Harriet Harman said Clegg was crying “crocodile tears”.

But the satirical website The Poke took Clegg's mea culpa and turned it into a “heartfelt new single”.

In contrast to Clegg's original apology, the ‘autotune remix’ version (below) received an enthusiastic reception. “Want to see Nick Clegg SING sorry to you?” asked former Labour deputy leader John Prescott on Twitter. “This is remarkable.”

Broadcaster Jeremy Vine added: “Watch. Nick Clegg’s apology becomes even more unprecedented” while the editor of Politics Home, Paul Waugh, tweeted that the song was “already a classic”.

Clegg has agreed to allow the song to be released on iTunes, provided all proceeds go to the Sheffield Children’s NHS Foundation Trust.

Now some observers think The Poke has saved Nick Clegg from a political roasting. Telegraph writer Ian Martin was possibly only half joking when he tweeted: "Ironically, the release of ace Clegg 'so, sorry' single by The Poke will make Nick a huge hit with students again."

ITV News journalist Tim Gatt said the spoof would also "encourage distraction from the criticism over the original video".

It remains to be seen whether Clegg's apology - or the remix version - will play well with voters. But at last Clegg has a hit on his hands - and at the very least, the Lib Dems' conference organisers now have this year's theme tune in the bag.

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