Nadine Dorries escapes Tory sacking – but for how long?

Nov 27, 2012

'I'm a Celebrity' MP is given a week to prove she can mend fences with her angry constituents


NADINE DORRIES, the Tory MP who took herself off to the Australian rainforest to take part in 'I'm a Celebrity' without telling her constituents, has survived today's meeting with chief whip Sir George Young – but she's been given just a week to mend fences with her constituency party. If she can't persuade them to forgive her, she could still be booted out of the party.

Young withdrew the party whip – in effect, suspending her from the Tory party - when it was revealed earlier this month that Dorries had put her ego before her parliamentary responsibilities.

A spokesman for Young said today: "The whip has not been restored and nor will it be until she proves that she can rebuild bridges with her constituents, her association and her parliamentary colleagues."

As the Belfast Telegraph reports, she has been given a week to sort thing out with her Mid-Bedfordshire party and must report back to the chief whip next Tuesday.

Ever confident, Dorries told her local BBC radio station: "I think we will be fine with the whip. We had a very good-natured, a very happy meeting. We have adjourned the meeting and we are reconvening this time next week, if not before."

That's not how some party sources saw it: they say she remains “very much in limbo".

Dorries returned home from Australia yesterday after becoming the first contestant to be voted off the show. She had been given a hard time by unimpressed constituents and fellow Tory MPs who voted for her to be given the most gruesome challenges.

On arrival in Britain, she claimed she had only missed three days in which her fellow MPs were sitting. “The rest was half term!" she tweeted.

In fact, the Daily Mirror calculates, she missed 11 days.

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