Tories forced to re-embrace 'Mad Nad' Dorries after UKIP threat

May 8, 2013
The Mole

'Posh boys' Cameron and Osborne swallow hard as Nadine Dorries looks set to return to Tory fold

NADINE DORRIES – better known in some quarters as 'Mad Nad' - is expected to be given back the Tory whip to stop her defecting to Nigel Farage's outfit and giving UKIP their first MP in this Parliament.

Bringing her back into the Tory fold would do far more to answer the threat posed by the surge in support for UKIP than today's drab Queen's Speech with a bill to curb immigration and a vague promise of an EU referendum bill.

She is due to meet the chief whip Sir George Young behind the scenes at Westminster in the next 48 hours.

Dorries has been teasing the whips with the possibility that she could defect to UKIP. That would be an enormous boost for Farage but it would be risky for her. She would almost certainly lose her seat in Mid-Bedfordshire if she stood as a UKIP candidate at the next election because of the first-past-the-post system.

Dorries was kicked out of the Parliamentary Tory party last year for quitting Westminster without permission to film the reality TV show I'm a Celebrity -  Get Me Out of Here! in Australia.
Cathy Newman, the C4 presenter, blogged on the Daily Telegraph website that Mad Nad would "have the last laugh" by threatening to play Jungle Jane to Nigel Farage's Tarzan.

If she is to given back the whip, it will require Cameron and George Osborne to eat a plateful of humble pie. Tim Montgomerie blogged on ConservativeHome: "The whips are NOT the reason for her continuing exclusion from the parliamentary party. The block is coming from Downing Street - especially Number 11. Regular observers of Tory politics will know that the Chancellor and Nadine Dorries do not have the best of relationships."

That's because she lethally attacked Cameron and Osborne as "two posh boys who don't know the price of milk… two arrogant posh boys who show no remorse, no contrition, and no passion to want to understand the lives of others – and that is their real crime."

It is a statement that Labour will use in the general election campaign – especially now Cameron has come under renewed attack for stuffing Downing Street with Old Etonian pals.

David Davis, the former Tory leadership challenger, wrote for the Daily Telegraph at the weekend how one of his constituents had told him: "You have Nadine Dorries, a girl from a Merseyside council estate, who rebels and gets sacked, and you have Jesse Norman, an old Etonian, who rebels and gets promoted!"

David wrote: "I had no answer. The fact is that if we want to win the next election, we have to break this impression of being privileged and out of touch."

Bringing Nadine back into the Tory fold would be a start. There's just one snag. Nadine has been telling allies that she is not going to accept a gagging order from Sir George.  

The baronet is famous for his old-fashioned courtesy, especially to women, but he could be severely tested by Mad Nad.

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I hope she does defect. At least we can rest easy in the knowledge that she will only remain an MP until the next election and then return to the obscurity she so richly deserves. But if she does end up being the sole representative of UKIP in parliament I feel very sorry for Farage.

" impression of being privileged and out of touch.", err.. it's not just an impression, unless you mean like foot prints in setting cement.

It is time that this business of jobs for the privileged old boys should stop. This present Government is going nowhere fast. It is full of lies and deceit. The UK Independence Party is the only party that is made up of real people acting for the ordinary people of this country. If Nadine does join UKIP then it will show others which way to go. The next MEP Election will decide when this present Goverment goes into melt down. Bring it on.