How Joan Edwards's £500k bequest SHOULD be spent

Aug 14, 2013

John Prescott starts a twitter deluge of ideas for spending Joan Edwards's gift to the government

Dan Kitwood/Getty Images

WITH both the Conservatives and the Lib Dems promising this morning to return the £520,000 left by nurse Joan Edwards, which they cannily took for party funds rather than government spending as she clearly intended, suggestions have been coming thick and fast as to how her bequest to the government might best be spent. The ideas were kicked off by former deputy Labour leader John Prescott (above) who tweeted this morning: "What good causes deserve Joan's half million? Will retweet the best."

These are some of the answers he received:

Richard Burden MP: "Struggling food banks and credit unions deserve £520,000 - not party funds for Tories and Lib Dems."
Jenny Murphy: "More money for mental health services - now the poor relation to physical health services."
Alison Charlton: "She [Joan Edwards] refused to buy her council house under Right To Buy. Be nice if Joan's half a million went to house another family."
Melanie Wright: "Dragon's Den could invest it then use yearly profits for nationwide charitable causes."
Danny Phillips: "Fees for 55 bright young kids from disadvantaged backgrounds to go to a posh university."

Fleet Street Fox: "It strikes me that Joan's half million could be better spent on just about anything. Murray Mints. Knitting. A Hemel Hempstead Hyperloop."

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why don't we give it away as foreign aid to undeserving countries with space programmes ? after all we already fritter away billions on that.