Ukip youth strike back against Chuka Umunna

Jun 23, 2014

Young Ukip supporters have taken to social media after politician suggests 'disconnect' between voters and computers

Peter Macdiarmid/Getty Images

Ukip supporters have launched an online campaign against Labour's business spokesman Chuka Umunna after he suggested many party members are "unable to perform basic tasks on the computer".

During an appearance on the BBC's Andrew Marr Show, Umunna claimed that there were many "communities who've been disconnected from our global economy" in England due to technological ignorance. He followed by saying "a lot" of people in such areas were "voting for Ukip in the local and European elections".

Shortly afterwards, young Ukip supporters took to social media platforms to express their anger at what they saw as Umunna's slight.

According to the Daily Telegraph, Ukip's youth branch, Young Independence, urged members and supporters to "email Chuka to help him understand why people vote Ukip". There have also been protests on Twitter, where followers have rallied around the hashtag #emailchuka.

A 17-year-old Young Independence member, Dan Jukes, posted his email to Umunna on his Twitter page.

In his letter, Jukes informed the secretary that he was "the user of three active email addresses" and drew attention to Labour's difficulties in engaging with voters online.

"I think it is important for you to know that Nigel Farage has more than 70,000 Twitter followers," he wrote, "that Ukip's Facebook page has more likes than Labour ... and we have the fastest growing Youth Wing in the country".

Umunna has not responded publicly to the email campaign.

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I didn't know that 17yr olds could vote but, despite his grammar "Farage has more than 70K followers than yourself", Duke claims to be a voter.

I think rather than be a pedant in correcting one mistake in the letter, you might have put greater effort in your own comprehension of the various elements of the article. Nowhere in his letter does he say he is 17, you are simply conflating his words with an unsubstantiated opinion from the main article.

Any attempt to discredit UKIP can only been seen as clutching at straws.
People are waking up to a reality that needed attention a long time ago.
Drippy, wishy washy Liberals, who think that if it doesn't involve a hug, kiss and political correctness, then it cant be a solution to a political problem. Of course becoming rather un - PC and aggressive when told how unrealistic they are!
Labour hypocrites. Lets borrow more than we can afford to pay back! Seriously! Who in this universe would take financial advice from these socialists. They are all about a fair slice of the cake for long as they get a bigger slice. I have never had a Union representative give me money so I have the same amount as him in my bank account. They are happy to wax lyrical about what everyone else should do forgetting they are the root cause of most our problems whenever they have been in power. Poor old Conservatives clearing up their mess in the 80s and more recently...anyone else see a pattern forming?
So lets talk about the Conservatives in a nut shell. A bit like the human skeleton, all the right pieces and ideas to govern effectively......... However one critical component missing................. A spine!
So we are left with only one viable AND realistic option. UKIP.
Of course I'm prepared for the cheap liberal accusations of being a racist.... well its the drippy pc bunny liberal answer to anything that isn't hugs n kisses. Or an archaic labour voter still blaming Thatcher for effectively making hard decisions. Righting the Labour mess of the 70s. Of course who can forget the Conservatives who will swing to the middle with the pink and fluffies just to call their biggest opposition racist and then move to the right again.
At least Nigel has the answers even if people don't like the truth and avoid it. At least Nigel and UKIP have a backbone in their skeleton and a clear path forward.

Who exactly do the Labour party represent,they have betrayed the working class,they pretend to hate the rich (even though Many of their MP's are millionaire public school boys) and they are totally out of touch with the middle class.

Ahhh Chuka Umuuna the man who thinks he's Britain's "Obama" and then tried to blame others for putting it on a social media website until the IP address was tracked back to him, he's the mostt arrogant and insincere MP there is.

The shadow business secretary should anglicise his name so as not to appear too foreign, perhaps Tosser Umana is more apt.

Why not put his whole comment? Rather than cut and paste parts. Thought the Week was meant to be balanced and fair news?