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BY Staff Reporter LAST UPDATED AT 12:05 ON Sun 3 Apr 2011

From political intrigue, to business scandal to scurrilous tales of the rich and famous, our trawl through the gutters of Britain's Sunday papers is posted before 12 noon every week.

OMAGH CAR BOMB KILLS POLICEMANPolitical leaders of all stripes in Ireland and Northern Ireland have condemned the "wicked" murder of a 25-year-old Catholic officer, Ronan Kerr. Constable Kerr, who had graduated from police training college just three weeks ago, was killed by a car bomb. Dissident republicans have been blamed for the killing, reports the Observer.

INDIA CRICKET WIN IS TENDULKAR'S 'PROUDEST MOMENT'Master batsman Sachin Tendulkar says India's victory over Sri Lanka in the ICC Cricket World Cup final was the proudest moment of his life, reports the Sunday Telegraph. India is in the grip of cricket fever as hundreds of thousand take to the streets to celebrate their second-ever world cup victory - and first since 1983.

JEREMY CLARKSON 'CHEATS ON WIFE'The Sunday Mirror claims that TV presenter and motoring journalist Jeremy Clarkson has been conducting an affair with an unnamed 42-year-old "pretty blonde" while on tour with Top Gear Live. The married man and father has previously used his newspaper column to rail against the hypocrisy of unfaithful celebrities, the paper says.
Jeremy Clarkson 'cheats with pretty blonde'

KATE MIDDLETON'S BULLYING HELLKate Middleton has chosen Beatbullying as one of the charities guests at the royal wedding will be asked to support because she was badly bullied at school herself, according to a new book on the future princess. The News of the World reports that Kate's parents moved her to another school after bullies put faeces in her bed.

BOB CROW LIVES IN HOUSING ASSOCIATION HOMERMT union boss Bob Crow lives enjoys a 50 per cent subsidy on the rent for his housing association home, despite earning £145,000 a year, reports the Sunday Times with glee. An RMT spokesman said: "Bob Crow makes no apology for living in social housing at the heart of his local community. He was born into a council house..."

IVORY COAST VIOLENCE CLAIMS 800At least 800 people are reported to have been massacred in a single ethnically-motivated incident in the town of Duekoue, in the west of Ivory Coast, the Observer reports. Anarchy and lawlessness have gripped the capital, Abidjan, where forces loyal to president Laurent Gbagbo are making a last stand against overwhelming odds.
In pictures: Ivory Coast fighters and other images of the week

WAYNE ROONEY'S FOUR-LETTER SHAMEWayne Rooney brought disgrace on himself after scoring a winning hat-trick against West Ham. The Manchester United player shouted "you fucking beauty!" directly into a TV camera, then used the word "fuck" a second time. The outburst, broadcast live to millions, could see him disciplined by the FA, reports the Mail on Sunday.
Rooney turns the airwaves blue after stunning comeback

SULLIVAN: LIBYA IS A TEXTBOOK STUPID WAR"Perhaps Obama's most famous quote," writes Andrew Sullivan in the Sunday Times, "which he made before the Iraq war, was that he wasn't opposed to all wars, just dumb ones... Has he learnt nothing from Iraq and Afghanistan? This [Libya] is an almost textbook example of a stupid war. And if it isn't nipped in the bud soon, it could distract and perhaps even derail Obama's presidency."

MARTIN LUTHER KING FILM DROPPEDA major Hollywood biopic of civil rights leader Martin Luther King developed by British director Paul Greengrass has been dropped by backers Universal after complaints from friends of Dr King who were unhappy it would show the inspirational preacher smoking, drinking and facing marital problems, says the Independent on Sunday.

TENSION AS 26-YEAR-OLD BIRD WAITS FOR LATE MATEHundreds of thousands of bird fans have been glued to the webcam that monitors the Scottish nest of a 26-year-old osprey, nicknamed 'Lady'. Just back from her African migration, the bird is waiting to see if her ten-year-old mate-for-life (his life, that is) will also return safely. If not, she will take a new partner, reports the Observer.

RIGHT-TO-DIE CAMPAIGNER TAKES OWN LIFEA British woman who founded a campaigning organisation to give elderly people who are not terminally ill the right to medical assistance in taking their own lives has died at a Swiss clinic. Nan Maitland was 84, says the Sunday Times, and enjoyed a three-hour meal with friends in a five-star hotel the night before her death.

DALEY: ED MILIBAND OFFERS LESS THAN KINNOCKDescribing Neil Kinnock as Ed Miliband's "mentor", Janet Daley writes in the Sunday Telegraph: "Kinnock one of British history's most memorable losers had a more substantial political presence than Miliband... He commanded a real following within his party, at least in part because he represented the values, integrity and unmistakeable persona of what used to be called the 'respectable working class'... Miliband is a nerdy north London intellectual ... whose actual life experience is as uncontaminated by petit-bourgeois 'aspiration' as David Cameron's." · 

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