Crikey! Oz cricketers take nasty kicking from media

Jan 7, 2011
Alex Lewis

Australian newspapers give Ponting and co an earful after Ashes defeat

While England celebrate the historic achievement of their victorious men in white, pity the miserable Australian Test cricketers. They lost the Ashes series to England 3-1 and, as a result, have had to face some of the harshest criticism ever doled out by the Australian press. Here's a taste of what it's like to be in Ricky Ponting and co's shoes...

Peter Roebuck, the Age: "Australia has been given a cricketing education. If England's victories on home soil were faintly fortuitous then this was the real thing, a beautiful execution carried out by an efficient and motivated side. Of the two teams out there, only one is playing Test cricket."

Greg Baum, Sydney Morning Herald: "The cricket community has a right to be angry. Whether or not Australians place too much store by sporting success, they at least expect to be represented by honest effort. Now heads must roll."
Poll in the Melbourne Herald Sun: “Is this the worst Australian team to lose an Ashes series on home soil?” (Answer Yes, according to 88 per cent of respondents.)

Will Brodie, Sydney Morning Herald: "Australia's Test team must take some more bitter medicine before it again becomes competitive with the world's best teams, let alone dominant."

Editorial, the West Australian: "Just as Nero fiddled while Rome burned, Australia's cricket leadership spent the summer fiddling while the Ashes burned."

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