Chris Huhne just can’t get away from his ex-wife

Jun 7, 2011
The Mole

What’s upsettingfor grey, dull Huhne is thatVicky Pryce is such a livelyeconomic commentator

The energy secretary Chris Huhne must be wondering just what he has to do to escape his ex-wife Vicky Pryce. First she landed him in trouble over the speeding points saga. Now she's barely off the radio and television, talking about the parlous state of the economy.
Pryce is a qualified economist, and she has been going large all week since a group of economists wrote to the Observer calling for a Plan B from Huhne's coalition partner, chancellor George Osborne.

Just as Huhne was eating his nutty muesli today, Pryce was on Radio Five Live's Wake Up to Money programme. She had already been on Sky News and the Daily Politics with Andrew Neil saying that more flexibility was needed, but broadly agreeing that Osborne was on the right path. Her view was vindicated both by Osborne himself, who said flexibility was written into his Plan A for deficit reduction, and by the IMF.

Producers are delighted to be able to get media-savvy Pryce into the studio to talk seriously about the economy. Meanwhile, her ex-husband, himself a former economics journalist, is languishing in the shadows awaiting the inquiries from the police about allegedly avoiding a speeding ticket in Essex by criminally claiming his wife was at the wheel.

The Plan B discussion is not going to end here and so it is likely that Huhne will have to stomach the sight and sound of his ex-wife on the TV and radio for a while longer. She is regarded as hot property by the broadcasters who are always on the look out for a sharp-witted commentator who carries both authority and the skill to get her message across.

What really gets under Huhne's skin is that she is far more entertaining than he is. Huhne has a reputation for being grey, dull, and boring as a broadcaster, despite his journalistic past.

Meanwhile, Huhne faces possible ruin to his political career if the police find grounds to prosecute. There are suggestions that they are dragging their heels, but Vicky Pryce has indicated that she would swear in the witness box that the allegations she has made are true.

The police met the Crown Prosecution Service on Friday to discuss the case, suggesting that they believe there could be enough to go to court with. Watch this space.

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