TV camera catches Cameron spin doctor bollocking BBC news man

May 28, 2012

Conservative head of press reads the Riot Act to Norman Smith over report linking the PM, Hunt and the Murdochs

Oli Scarff

WHILE most eyes in the Westminster village are on Tony Blair's appearance at the Leveson inquiry, Guido Fawkes has pulled off a fantastic scoop with a five-minute video of Craig Oliver, Andy Coulson's successor as Tory press chief, trying to give BBC man Norman Smith a bollocking over a recent story linking the PM, Jeremy Hunt and the Murdochs.

Cameron's communications man takes the politics correspondent to task in Downing Street, with the famous black door of No 10 just out of shot. Smith, who is possessed by a fit of coughing during the dressing-down, fights his corner well and after Oliver storms off at the end saying, "I rest my case," Smith wearily says, "Oh dear," and makes a face to the camera.

The video, which was surely passed on by a BBC source amused by Oliver's somewhat wimpish attempt to bully Smith, gives an excellent insight into the world of how politicians seek to impose their will on the media - which given that Mr Blair, the so-called arch manipulator, is back on our screens today feels quite apt.

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Isn't Mr. Oliver so very Polite?

The BBC is a very powerful voice in 'The Media'! It does appear that they are doing their very best to silence all other media sources who do not share the Lib Leftie stance!  It is surely time that their behaviour is subject to the same degree of innuendo and degree of investigation as they practice against their present victims........And subsequently any transgressors of the BBC charter be sacked!

You know what happens to Bullies.

Oliver is chewing.

Here we have a photograph Mr. Oliver, probably quite unrelated to this "interview," and a description of what happened as being a "scoop," in order to fan the flames.  

A bollocking? Reading the riot act? An "attempt to Bully Smith"?

What absolute nonsense.

You've clearly led a sheltered life. I watched the video with my popcorn waiting for the fireworks to start...If that's the man the government has trying to "impose their will on the media" then I can't really imagine anyone quaking in their boots.

Hardly in the same league as Alistair Campbell.