Why Andrew Lansley has to go – for health reasons

Feb 21, 2012
The Mole

If Cameron wants to reassure voters, how about Lib Dem David Laws as Lansley’s replacement?

KEVIN MAGUIRE, the Daily Mirror's Geordieboy, and Andrew Pierce, the Daily Mail's Toryboy, were at least agreed on one thing on Sky News last night - Andrew Lansley will be moved in David Cameron's next Cabinet reshuffle.

Pierce said Culture Secretary Jeremy Hunt is tipped by Tory ministers to replace Lansley but the reshuffle could be delayed until after the Olympics to allow Hunt to oversee the London Games in July.

The Mole is not so sure Camo can afford to wait that long, with the Guardian claiming its ICM poll giving Labour a one-point lead shows Tory support has dropped four points in one month because of public fears about the NHS reforms.

A reshuffle after the May elections is most likely and the PM will have to put someone else into the health hot seat. How about a Liberal Democrat such as David Laws to reassure the voters?

Meanwhile the rot is spreading. Duncan Hames, who is Parliamentary Private Secretary to Energy Secretary Ed Davey, has signed an early day motion calling for the publication of a "risk register", which outlines the costs and risks of the Health and Social Care Bill. He signed the motion along with 12 other Liberal Democrat MPs.

The Health Secretary's confrontation with agitprop granny June Hautot, who is a member of the South West London Keep the NHS Public campaign and a former Unison union official, showed he is too dumb to be left in charge of the health portfolio.

Lansley could have dodged the rent-a-crowd protestors by going round Downing Street to enter through the back door or the side entrance through the Cabinet Office on Whitehall.

He seems to be oblivious to the fact that his reforms have convinced many ordinary voters that he is privatising the NHS and they will have to pay for their health care.

His determination to push through the protestors was like his mindless strategy for NHS reform - nose down, barging forward like a rugby player in a scrum with his head up someone else's backside.

Daily Torygraph deputy editor Ben Brogan has blogged this morning in support of Lansley under the headline 'Shrieking opponents of NHS reform could help David Cameron'. Ben is having a laugh - he should be on at the Comedy Store.

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Yes - why not replace one national embarrassment with an expenses cheat who finds his own sexuality so embarrassing that he regards the need to cover it up as a reason to rob taxpayers?
Why when people give voice to genuine concerns are they categorised as being 'rent-a-crowd protestors'? Am I now to be classified as a protest-poster-professional for submitting this?

Apart from that you are correct in every way; Lansley is a silicon implant that I hope will soon burst..
A Lib Dem in charge of the NHS? The Lib Dems who show such fine judgement in supporting the euro? Or whose politics extend to leaflets packed with distortions? When did a lib Dem ever show what it takes to be a Cabinet Minister?
lansley can avoid the twists and Downing Street to enter through the back door or side door of the Cabinet Office in Whitehall, a rented crowd demonstrations.