The Mole

Rifkind's Kensington seat up for grabs - but beware jinx

Tue 24 Feb, AT 10:52 The Mole

Malcolm Rifkind is not the first Conservative member for Kensington to leave under a cloud

Malcolm Rifkind

Malcolm Rifkind resigns over 'cash for access'

One-Minute Read Tue 24 Feb, AT 10:40

Senior Conservative gives up job chairing Parliament's security committee and will stand down as MP

Columnist Don Brind

Labour surge past Tories in new poll, while Ukip slump

Tue 24 Feb, AT 09:07 Don Brind

Tories still have a problem persuading voters that the positive economic news benefits all, not just the rich

Leader of Ukip Nigel Farage

Ukip policies: What is Nigel Farage's party promising?

Briefing Mon 23 Feb, AT 13:29

Commitments on education, health and taxes sit alongside traditional Ukip policies on immigration and the EU

The Mole

Straw ‘mortified’ – but Ed Miliband sees an opportunity

Mon 23 Feb, AT 10:10 The Mole

Labour leader uses latest ‘cash for access’ scandal to push for a ban on MPs earning second incomes

Columnist Don Brind

Easy Tory win? Grant Shapps is whistling in the dark

Mon 23 Feb, AT 08:36 Don Brind

Tory chairman says they only have to win over 11,000 voters to grab victory. Wrong, says our poll-watcher

Ukrainian government's forces in Eastern Ukraine

Europe 'sleep-walked' into Ukraine crisis, say peers

One-Minute Read Fri 20 Feb, AT 09:05

House of Lords committee accuses UK and EU of a 'catastrophic misreading' of the mood in Russia

Columnist Nigel Horne

Was that the most depressing item ever on the Today prog?

Fri 20 Feb, AT 08:55 Nigel Horne

BBC reporter goes to Wolverhampton South West and finds not one student interested in voting

Columnist Don Brind

Drowning Ukip with silence works for Tories - up to a point

Thu 19 Feb, AT 11:59 Don Brind

By ignoring Nigel Farage, both main parties hope to keep his challenge at bay. Will it work?