Writer sitting at laptop

Nine follies to avoid when writing your first novel

News Fri 3 Jul, AT 16:19

With half of every bookstore customer polled bent on writing a book, here's how to beat the competition to your first book deal

John Bercow

Speaker Bercow breaks the rules

News Fri 3 Jul, AT 09:11

The Mole: The new Speaker has already fallen foul of his own ‘Commons first, media later’ edict, says our Westminster insider

Rupert Thorneloe

Taliban kill senior British officer

News Fri 3 Jul, AT 08:59

Lt Col Thorneloe is the first British commanding officer to be killed in action since Colonel 'H' Jones died in the Falklands

Honduras coup

Did Barack Obama know about the Honduras coup plot all along?

Fri 3 Jul, AT 08:50 Alexander Cockburn

Alexander Cockburn on the coup in Honduras, a traditional area of American and CIA influence

Expenses scandal: new laws collapse

News Thu 2 Jul, AT 09:23

The Mole: Post-expenses legislation proposed by Jack Straw is falling apart, says our Westminster insider

US Marines in Afghanistan

Huge US operation in Afghanistan

News Thu 2 Jul, AT 08:23

4,000 newly deployed US Marines launch Operation Khanjar to flush out Taliban militants from Helmand River valley

Mahmoud Ahmadinejad and Press TV

British journalists who work for Ahmadinejad's mouthpiece

News Wed 1 Jul, AT 19:05

Following Nick Ferrari's resignation from Press TV, what do the other British journalists who work for the Iranian government think?

Compulsory ID cards are history

News Wed 1 Jul, AT 09:49

The Mole: Alan Johnson's decision to keep the database leaves him open to Tory attacks, says our Westminster insider


This isn't patient power: it's a government plot to cut GP budgets

News Tue 30 Jun, AT 18:19

Questionnaires sent to serial malcontents are not a good way to determine the effectiveness of a GP surgery

Yemenia Air

Child found as Airbus crashes into sea

News Tue 30 Jun, AT 11:43

A five-year-old child is believed to be the only survivor of Yemenia Air flight IY626, which crashed off the Indian Ocean archipelago of Comoros