A Turkish coastal path

News Thu 13 Aug, AT 17:10

Spectacular views and friendly people distinguish Turkey's first long-distance path, the Lycian Way


Lisbon’s colourful variety

News Thu 13 Aug, AT 13:12

The beautiful, historic Portuguese capital receives many fewer than its fair share of visitors from the UK

Llandovery's most famous residents

Royal Llandovery

News Thu 13 Aug, AT 12:03

Find out what Prince Charles sees in the small Welsh town where he recently bought a farmhouse

Why Alan Duncan got a bollocking

News Thu 13 Aug, AT 10:02

The Mole: David Cameron has electoral advantage from the expenses scandal and has no wish to lose it, says our Westminster insider

Lockerbie bomber

Lockerbie bomber release: for and against

News Thu 13 Aug, AT 09:25

Speculation that the Libyan convicted of killing 270 people might be released has raised the issue: was al-Megrahi ever guilty at all?

David Mamet

David Mamet to helm Disney’s Anne Frank

News Wed 12 Aug, AT 14:07

Macho playwright, writer and director David Mamet is the surprising choice to direct a new Disney film based on the diaries of Anne Frank

Brazilian TV host ‘ordered murders for ratings’

News Wed 12 Aug, AT 12:26

Brazilian police claim presenter Wallace Souza got his scoops by making the news happen, and got rid of his rival drug dealers to boot

Graff's heist

£40m Graff’s heist: echoes of great train robbery

News Wed 12 Aug, AT 09:36

In today’s money, Ronnie Biggs’s 1963 haul was worth exactly the same as the jewels stolen in the New Bond Street raid

Aung San Suu Kyi and John Yettaw

Suu Kyi trial: concerns over American

News Wed 12 Aug, AT 08:59

John Yettaw’s seven-year sentence for his infamous swim across Inya lake prompts concerns for his health

Baby P: the language of nothing says everything

News Tue 11 Aug, AT 11:46

The Orwellian public-sector doublespeak trotted out to Eddie Mair, conceals the failures behind a tragedy, says Antonia Quirke