BBC controversy

News Mon 14 Sep, AT 15:00

By David Cromwell and David Edwards

Hitler Aids ad

What Hitler and Aids have in common

Fri 11 Sep, AT 16:18 Coline Covington

The shocking German ad that using Hitler as a metaphor for Aids is a stroke of genius says psychoanalyst Coline Covington

Barack Obama

Not so fast, Dave

News Fri 11 Sep, AT 10:46

The Mole: The Obama-Brown phone call was a cock-up. But it doesn’t mean Cameron will have it easy with the US, says our Westminster insider

Glenn Beck

Fox’s Glenn Beck fights ‘rape and murder’ website

News Fri 11 Sep, AT 08:20

Has a satirical website overstepped the mark in an attempt to lampoon the Fox TV host? His lawyers are on the case

Stephen Farrell

Rescuing journalist Farrell was a risk worth taking

Thu 10 Sep, AT 15:32 Robert Fox

Reporter was hunting genuine story, and Special Forces would have welcomed the chance to engage with the Taliban to gain valuable intelligence

Turkish girls kidnapped in ‘Big Brother’ internet scam

News Thu 10 Sep, AT 14:33

Pictures of the naked girls were sold on internet porn sites by the fake reality show’s ‘producers’

Barack Obama

Nice speech – shame it was three months too late

Thu 10 Sep, AT 11:15 Alexander Cockburn

It was well written and elegantly delivered. But with Ted Kennedy gone, says Alexander Cockburn, the numbers are against Obama

Libya oil gas Margareta Pagano

The Libyan gold rush and the reasons behind it

News Wed 9 Sep, AT 18:16

Searching for oil in the Libyan desert - the story behind the headlines of Lockerbie bomber Megrahi's release

Alastair Campbell

Campbell lays into wealthy Cameron’s pay-cut for MPs

News Wed 9 Sep, AT 17:54

Alastair Campbell has called for an increase in MPs’ salaries, saying David Cameron wants to return to the days when politics was for the rich

Brown ‘the depressive’: Ward offers more ammo

News Wed 9 Sep, AT 12:52

The Mole: The journalist who claims the PM may be taking strong anti-depressants has more evidence to support his claim, reports our Westminster insider