The Mole

Newsnight skewers Ed Balls over ‘Bill Somebody’ blunder

Wed 4 Feb, AT 09:25 The Mole

Balls forgets name of ‘Labour-friendly business leader’. But what’s Newsnight up to, asks Polly Toynbee

Columnist Don Brind

Labour and Lib Dem bigwigs on the high road to disaster

Wed 4 Feb, AT 08:07 Don Brind

Danny Alexander and Douglas Alexander will be toppled while Alex Salmond gets an easy ride, says new polling

William Hague arrives at Downing Street for the reshuffle meeting

English votes for English laws: Tories push for veto option

First Reaction Tue 3 Feb, AT 11:41

Reforms which give English MPs veto power over English laws are a 'fundamental matter of fairness'

The Mole

Ed Miliband under fire – but does he have public on side?

Tue 3 Feb, AT 10:48 The Mole

And whatever happened to David Cameron’s view that tax avoiders needed to wake up and smell the coffee?

Columnist Don Brind

Minority government: it can work if politicians thinks big

Tue 3 Feb, AT 08:35 Don Brind

Does 1910 hold lessons for today’s politicians – if they’re prepared to form broad alliances?

Columnist Nigel Horne

Miliband finds his scoring boots in assault on Pessina

Tue 3 Feb, AT 08:06 Nigel Horne

The Labour leader doesn’t always hit the open goals, as playwright David Hare reminded us at the weekend

The Mole

Cameron’s mummy problem: will war on mediocre schools help?

Mon 2 Feb, AT 10:41 The Mole

But PM's line on academies and Three Rs comes straight from Gove – who proved ‘toxic’ with mums

Columnist Don Brind

Labour-SNP coalition adds up (if you ignore Trident issue)

Mon 2 Feb, AT 08:37 Don Brind

Projection says this is the only pairing that can win a majority – but Labour won’t budge on Trident

Ed Miliband at the Manchester Labour Party Conference

Sunday newspapers give Ed Miliband a ‘hellish’ day

News Sun 1 Feb, AT 12:10

Everyone’s sticking in the knife in – and not just right-wing papers, but the Statesman and Guardian too

The Mole

Newsnight leaves Labour’s NHS plans bloodied and bruised

Fri 30 Jan, AT 09:26 The Mole

Allegra Stratton package puts Labour’s Andy Burnham on the spot again over private sector competition