Mensch admits she likes to 'dress up' for her husband

Nov 7, 2011

Tory MP admits taking Class A drugs and hints at facelift before Murdoch appearance

CONSERVATIVE MP and chick-lit author Louise Mensch, a member of the Commons culture committee which will re-interview James Murdoch this week on the subject of phone hacking, is making the most of her time in the sun.

In an interview at the weekend, she admitted taking Class A drugs and confessed that she liked to "dress up" for her new husband - rock band manager Peter Mensch - as "an act of love". She also hinted that she had had a facelift.
Talking to Camilla Long of The Sunday Times, Mensch never quite admitted that she had undergone cosmetic surgery this year but said that there was plenty of time during the Parliamentary holidays to recover from such an operation: "I think people can do the mathematics on how long the summer recess was," she said.
Asked by Long whether she took "a load of drugs" in her 20s, Mensch replied: "Probably not. I don’t think so. Occasionally."

And what sort of drugs were they, Long asked?

"I had better not answer that," replied the MP, before doing just that. "I took some Class A drugs, if that’s your question."
The comment that has drawn the biggest reaction was about her relationship with her 58-year-old husband Peter, who lives in New York, which means they currently cross the Atlantic to spend the weekends together.

Admitting to "rediscovering exercise and running" in order to look good for him, she said: "I think it's an act of love for a husband and wife who have committed to each other to keep themselves looking as good as they can. I love him and I dress up for him."
The reaction on Twitter was not entirely positive, with many condemning Mensch for being behind the times and pandering to men.
But Cristina Odone in The Daily Telegraph sprang to Mensch’s defence.
"Louise Mensch and other female rebels... should be free to choose what they wear when their husband comes home," Odone wrote. "Women's liberation was fought to secure their right to do so."

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