Labour MP Tom Harris resigns over Hitler YouTube spoof

Jan 16, 2012

Harris quits as party's new-media adviser after comparing Salmond to the Fuhrer

A LABOUR MP was forced to resign from his role as the party's new-media adviser last night after creating a spoof video comparing Alex Salmond to Adolf Hitler.

Tom Harris, Glasgow South MP, uploaded a YouTube clip based on a scene from the 2004 movie Downfall, poking fun at the First Minister's secrecy over the Scottish independence referendum.
The clip, posted on Saturday, features Hitler shouting at senior Nazis in his bunker with Salmond parodied in subtitles.
Joan's Downfall also mocks Salmond's refusal to sack Joan McAlpine, a parliamentary aide, for suggesting last week that any political parties opposed to the Scottish National Party were "anti-Scottish".
The joke itself is not an original one, with Downfall spoofs becoming so popular the German copyright owners tried to ban all parodies in 2009. Other targets have included Hillary Clinton, president of Warner Bros Alan Horn and Ukrainian boxer Wladimir Klitschko.
Harris, whose role involved advising the party on its use of internet and social media, apologised today for causing an "unhelpful distraction". An SNP spokesman called the clip "silly and negative".

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