Messy Staples divorce comes back to haunt Mitt Romney

Boston Globe seeks to unseal court documents that reportedly contain 'juicy information' about Romney

LAST UPDATED AT 08:36 ON Wed 24 Oct 2012

COULD Mitt Romney's presidential election campaign be blown off course by lurid revelations about a messy divorce involving one of his key supporters?

Just two weeks before polling day, gossip website TMZ reports that the Boston Globe is going to court this morning to request that court files be unsealed and a gagging order lifted in the case of the bitter divorce of Staples co-founder Tom Stemberg and his first wife Maureen.

Romney is said to have testified in the trial. According to TMZ, "the Boston Globe got a tip that there was 'juicy information about Romney' in the sealed documents".

High-profile lawyer Gloria Allred has previously suggested she is sitting on information that could affect the presidential election. Her client is somehow involved in the case and wants to go on the record. As the Cleveland Leader reports, it is believed that client is Maureen.

Stemberg and Romney go way back. In 1986, Romney's venture capital firm Bain provided $4.5m to Stemberg and his partner to found office supplier Staples. Romney sat on the board of Staples for nearly a decade. At the Republican Convention this year, Stemberg gave a five-minute speech.  

Maureen Stemberg reportedly received nearly 500,000 Staples shares as part of the divorce settlement in 2005. The Globe's court action has been opposed by lawyers for Stemberg, but not yet by the Romney camp.

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