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Cameron's cronies: PM pays price for press regulation

Mon 2 Dec, AT 09:55
The Mole

Mail attacks PM for taking a 'rum bunch' of mates to China and kowtowing to the Communist regime

Pin your hopes for better press on the next media generation

Fri 15 Nov, AT 09:27
The Conversation

Alastair Campbell: papers are peddling 'bilge' in a bid to wriggle out of Leveson's proposals


Royal Charter ‘redundant’: PM gets Miller to wave white flag

Mon 4 Nov, AT 10:21
The Mole

Culture Secretary surprises all sides by agreeing that newspapers should have a chance to self-regulate

Newspapers says Royal Charter is 'dark day' for freedom

First Reaction
Thu 31 Oct, AT 10:08

Approval of new system of press regulation was 'judicial farce' ending '300 years of freedom'


Rebekah Brooks trial clashes with press regs announcement

Tue 15 Oct, AT 11:40
The Mole

'Everyone innocent until proven guilty' says Murdoch; try telling that to Chris Jeffries, say detractors

Press regulation Q&A: legal bid to block Royal Charter fails

Wed 30 Oct, AT 13:43

Newspaper publishers had sought to delay government’s press regulation plan with injunction

Can David Cameron be trusted over press regulation?

Wed 3 Jul, AT 14:37
The Mole

Phone-hacking victims dismayed that PM appears to prefer newspapers' own plan for regulator

Bloggers stifled? Press rules damned by Index on Censorship

Talking Point
Wed 20 Mar, AT 13:49

'Chaotic' attempt to apply new regulator to websites could stifle bloggers and limit free speech, say critics

George Bush; Tony Blair

Ten years after Iraq: 'illusion of consensus' that sent us to war

Tue 19 Mar, AT 13:35
Robert Fox

How did we fall for it? Why were the sceptics ignored? And is it about to happen all over again in Syria?


Why weren't we invited? Papers furious at Royal Charter deal

Tue 19 Mar, AT 12:01
The Mole

Hacked Off group were in on late-night talks - but the papers weren't. Now they're threatening a boycott