26 Nov, 2013

Britons are having less sex thanks to recession and iPads, but women are more 'adventurous' than ever

12 Jun, 2013

One third of UK workers in same job had wages cut or frozen while in some areas pay shrank by 10%

22 Apr, 2013

Government figures suggest worst is over for UK economy - but not everyone is so sure

03 Apr, 2013

Euro falls as predictions of recovery confounded by record joblessness in first two months of year

03 Apr, 2013

Analysts say it's 'touch and go' whether the economy grows as 'winter of discontent' extends into Spring

27 Jan, 2013

Lattes at dawn: coffee multinational says it may spike £100m investment after PM slams tax avoidance

11 Dec, 2012

British giant cancels production of eco-friendly 200 mph car – too costly for age of austerity

06 Nov, 2012

Election briefing: where the two candidates stand on the key issues facing the United States today

Consumers peruse the shops on Oxford Street
10 Oct, 2012

Meanwhile FSA relaxes capital rules to encourage British banks to increase lending and help growth