George Osborne holding a pound
13 Jun, 2012

If the Bank wrote off its government bonds, UK debt would instantly fall by a third - and nobody would lose out

Bank of England
24 May, 2012

Britain's recession worse than originally feared as revised figures reveal bigger economic decline

17 May, 2012

Opinion digest: the Greek crisis, Tory recession blame game, and social mobility

16 May, 2012

Bank of England governor warns of ‘storm' coming from eurozone, but former colleague thinks he's being hopeful

Bank of England
10 May, 2012

High inflation deters Bank from printing more money as rates are kept at 0.5%

10 May, 2012

Bank receives capital injection from Madrid in attempt to stabilize collapsing system

26 Apr, 2012

We badly need new ideas, but when it comes to promoting growth the coalition has been hopelessly inconsistent

03 May, 2012

Bank of England governor renews calls for reform to banks despite resistance from City

Bank of England
30 Apr, 2012

Coalition cheerleaders have been questioning accuracy of figures that show UK is in recession

Shuttered shops recession
25 Apr, 2012

Construction leads slump as Britain enters double-dip recession