Stanford Kurland, author of sub-prime crisis, returns

Mon 9 Mar, AT 13:47
Charles Laurence

Kurland struck gold by getting America into the sub-prime mess: now he’s back to cash in again by buying back the toxic mortgages

Sympathy for outlaws thanks to greedy bankers

Thu 29 Jan, AT 00:00
Charles Laurence

The credit crunch is spawning a new generation of ‘Bonnie and Clydes’, feeding off public anger towards greedy Wall Street bankers

Financial crisis? What crisis?

Fri 12 Dec, AT 00:00
Richard Ehrman

When Hard Times blow in, the Beeb does Dickens

Fri 28 Nov, AT 08:43

As the drama of the financial crisis unfolds, Antonia Quirke casts Emily Maitlis as Nancy while Paxman hams it up

Economic woes pile onto Barack Obama’s in-tray

Fri 14 Nov, AT 08:26
Alexander Cockburn

With more big bankruptcies and job losses hitting by the day, Obama’s options for an economic rescue are bleak

The Bank of England’s desperate bid for relevance

Thu 6 Nov, AT 16:02
Richard Ehrman

The Bank of England’s whopping rate cut is an attempt to regain the initiative after missing the onset of the recession

Credit crunch bail-outs are threat to democracy

Fri 26 Sep, AT 01:00

Efforts to stave off recession only make a 1930s-style cataclysm more likely, says David Cox