The Shard, London
29 Mar, 2012

Economists predict fall in UK GDP between January and March – and we might not exit recession until July

13 Feb, 2012

Growth in exports and business investments to help economy swell not shrink

09 Feb, 2012

Lower household debt and more flexible labour rules help US economy rally while ours flatlines

25 Jan, 2012

Some analysts believe we are already in recession, but there is some cause for optimism

Bank of England
16 Jan, 2012

Forecasters say economy shrank in the last quarter and will do so again this year

04 Jan, 2012

Who were the winners and losers on the high street over the Christmas break?

Richard Ehrman
02 Dec, 2011

Plan A was meant to allow for one or two generous budgets before 2015 – not just more of the same

24 Nov, 2011

Topshop and BHS retail giant also plans to close 260 stores as sales continue to fall

11 Oct, 2011

Talking point: Is there any hope in Britain for those who are not already independently wealthy?