Job centre; unemployment

Women bear brunt as UK jobless figure goes up

Wed 16 Feb, AT 10:53

Figures reveal surprise jump in unemployment benefit claimants

David Cameron

Pressure on Cameron grows as double dip looms

Fri 28 Jan, AT 07:28

Economists and critics are lining up to urge Cameron and Osborne to rethink the austerity measures

George Osborne

Pain for Osborne, relief for Balls as GDP shocks us all

Tue 25 Jan, AT 12:55
Richard Ehrman

Bad news for the Chancellor, says Richard Ehrman. Ed Balls could prove to have been right all along

Irish debt crisis

Ireland ponders the true cost of the bailout

Wed 24 Nov, AT 11:49

Business digest: IMF demands cuts to dole and minimum wage

Ireland bank crisis

Euro and shares rise as Ireland accepts bailout

Mon 22 Nov, AT 10:58

Business digest: Investors give thumbs-up to estimated €90bn rescue package

Ireland bank crisis

100,000 expected to flee Ireland economic crisis

Thu 18 Nov, AT 10:54

Business digest: Short-term debt crisis could turn into long-term brain drain crisis

Shop closing down; Britain's recession; economy

Double-dip fears grow among financial officers

Mon 11 Oct, AT 12:45

Business Digest: Optimism plummets to recession levels

George Osborne

Boost for Osborne as UK credit rating remains AAA

Mon 20 Sep, AT 13:44

Business Digest: Influential credit agency Moody’s to keep UK at top level despite recession