Vince Cable

Cable warns City: I’ll tie bonuses to banks’ lending

Mon 26 Jul, AT 10:47

Business Digest: Vince Cable today outlines plans to encourage banks to lend more

Victor Orban of Hungary

Austerity Cameron-style: there is an alternative

Wed 21 Jul, AT 17:51

Amid warnings of a new UK recession, Hungary reminds us there is another way – growth

George Osborne announces emergency budget

MPs say Osborne’s Budget made recession more likely

Wed 21 Jul, AT 11:44

Business Digest: Conservative-controlled committee says cutting spending has increased chances of ‘double-dip’

Shop closing down; Britain's recession; economy

Recession ‘even worse than previously thought’

Mon 12 Jul, AT 16:52

Business Digest: New data shows deepest recession in Britain’s post-war history was even more severe than feared

Graduates students

Graduates with 2:2s ‘must consider flipping burgers’

Tue 6 Jul, AT 08:41

Post-recession, employers will only look at job applicants with 2:1s and above

A homeless man in Japan

Deflation could give UK Japan-style ‘lost decade’

Tue 25 May, AT 10:27

Bank of England economist says it’s deflation – not inflation – that is the big worry

Pound notes

Price inflation at 3.7 per cent puts VAT rise in doubt

Wed 19 May, AT 12:50

What the experts are saying about Britain’s inflation jumping yet again