Halal chickens hang for sale on a butchers stall

Halal: what is halal meat and is it inhumane?

Briefing Thu 8 May, AT 11:59

Millions in the UK may be eating unlabelled halal meat. Here are the facts about religious slaughter practices

Rowan Williams

Lord Williams: Britain a 'post-Christian' country

One-Minute Read Sun 27 Apr, AT 08:57

Former Archbishop of Canterbury enters on-going debate

Pope John Paul II

Should John Paul II be made a saint? The case for and against

Briefing Thu 24 Apr, AT 12:47

John Paul II is set to be canonised on Sunday. Is it too soon to make the divisive pope a saint?

The St George flag

St George's Day: why England won't celebrate its patron saint

Briefing Tue 22 Apr, AT 14:25

How St George, a third-century Roman soldier from modern-day Turkey, came to be patron saint of England

Mosque in Birmingham

Six schools in 'Islamist takeover plot' face special measures

One-Minute Read Sun 20 Apr, AT 11:15

Birmingham schools could have their leadership removed or even be closed

Old Bailey

Is Sharia law creating a 'parallel UK legal system'?

Briefing Wed 26 Mar, AT 11:53

Sharia law's critics say it discriminates against women, but supporters claim it poses no threat to British justice

Can anti-gay Westboro Church survive Fred Phelps' death?

One-Minute Read Fri 21 Mar, AT 12:44

Death of Fred Phelps may bring down the Westboro Baptist Church and its 'God hates fags' placards

Saudi Arabia bans 50 blasphemous, royal and foreign baby names

One-Minute Read Sun 16 Mar, AT 10:05

Kingdom makes naming of babies much easier after eliminating options such as Alice, Linda and Binyamin

Ash Wednesday: marking the start of Lent

Briefing Wed 5 Mar, AT 08:23

Today is Ash Wednesday, when Christians traditionally burn crosses made on Palm Sunday

Auschwitz concentration camp

Holocaust Memorial Day: honouring 6m victims

Briefing Mon 27 Jan, AT 10:32

Events held across UK on 27 January mark liberation of Auschwitz in 1945