The St George flag

St George's Day: why England won't celebrate its patron saint

Briefing Tue 22 Apr, AT 14:25

How St George, a third-century Roman soldier from modern-day Turkey, came to be patron saint of England

Mosque in Birmingham

Six schools in 'Islamist takeover plot' face special measures

One-Minute Read Sun 20 Apr, AT 11:15

Birmingham schools could have their leadership removed or even be closed

Old Bailey

Is Sharia law creating a 'parallel UK legal system'?

Briefing Wed 26 Mar, AT 11:53

Sharia law's critics say it discriminates against women, but supporters claim it poses no threat to British justice

Can anti-gay Westboro Church survive Fred Phelps' death?

One-Minute Read Fri 21 Mar, AT 12:44

Death of Fred Phelps may bring down the Westboro Baptist Church and its 'God hates fags' placards

Saudi Arabia bans 50 blasphemous, royal and foreign baby names

One-Minute Read Sun 16 Mar, AT 10:05

Kingdom makes naming of babies much easier after eliminating options such as Alice, Linda and Binyamin

Ash Wednesday: marking the start of Lent

Briefing Wed 5 Mar, AT 08:23

Today is Ash Wednesday, when Christians traditionally burn crosses made on Palm Sunday

Auschwitz concentration camp

Holocaust Memorial Day: honouring 6m victims

Briefing Mon 27 Jan, AT 10:32

Events held across UK on 27 January mark liberation of Auschwitz in 1945

Pope gives speech

Pope Francis: Abortion attack will please church conservatives

First Reaction Tue 14 Jan, AT 10:21

Pontiff calls terminations 'horrific' and links them to modern society's throwaway culture

Exorcists on the rise as Church faces 'unprecedented' demand

One-Minute Read Mon 6 Jan, AT 15:51

Increasing number of Catholic priests trained in exorcism as more people dabble in the dark arts

Archbishop's new sympathy for gay people 'a bit rich'

First Reaction Thu 29 Aug, AT 15:05

Justin Welby tells Christians to 'repent' over the way gay and lesbian people have been treated