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Reshuffle: why Norman Baker's Home Office job is 'bonkers'

Mon 7 Oct, AT 16:20

Moving 'conspiracy theorist' Baker to Home Office is biggest shock in today's shake-up of junior ministers

Support for Lord Ashcroft's bid to 'turn off the aid tap'

First Reaction
Tue 18 Sep, AT 11:12

Support for senior Tory who urged coalition to stop 'spraying around taxpayers' money' in Third World


Tory swing to right: it's enough to make a Lib Dem have kittens

Wed 5 Sep, AT 11:51
The Mole

Heathrow unguarded, a climate change sceptic at Environment and a green belt sceptic at Planning

Reshuffle: Lansley out, Hunt in, IDS stays put, Boris furious

First Reaction
Tue 4 Sep, AT 15:31

Reaction to the big moves after David Cameron's first major Cabinet reshuffle


Reshuffle: Osborne, Cable stay in place - so what's the difference?

Tue 4 Sep, AT 14:46
The Mole

Jeremy Hunt gets Health, Ken Clarke stays in Cabinet, Greening flies from Transport, Shapps is party chairman


Cabinet Reshuffle: Ken Clarke to have input on the economy

Tue 4 Sep, AT 10:59
The Mole

Tory MPs delighted by new role for a winning Tory Chancellor from the 1990s. But what will George say?


Is Cameron man enough to give Cable’s job to David Laws?

Mon 3 Sep, AT 10:32
The Mole

Osborne’s appearance on the Marr show makes it clear he’s staying as Chancellor. But what of Vince?