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Penny Black: how the world's first stamp changed what we write

Fri 1 May, AT 11:24

The Penny Black, introduced 175 years ago today, helped pave the way for passionate, private letter-writing

How Scottish independence would work: blueprint unveiled

Tue 26 Nov, AT 13:48

No rise in basic rate of tax, childcare system transformed and Royal Mail back in public sector

Royal Mail: Myners report clears government over sell-off

One-Minute Read
Thu 18 Dec, AT 10:26

Former minister says Royal Mail share price could have been set £180m higher – but it would have been risky

Royal Mail

Royal Mail: shares surge as trading begins

One-Minute Read
Fri 11 Oct, AT 15:07

Conditional trading starts today but anyone who applied for more than £10,000 won't get a thing

Royal Mail Q&A: who will own the privatised mail service?

Thu 10 Oct, AT 09:21

Thousands of investors likely to miss out after Royal Mail shares hugely over-subscribed

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Royal Mail shares: expert advice on whether to apply

Talking Point
Mon 7 Oct, AT 15:41

Investors rush to buy shares but analysts are divided on whether it will pay off in the long-term

Royal Mail share demand soars on hopes of quick profit

One-Minute Read
Mon 7 Oct, AT 12:25

Scramble for Royal Mail shares ignites political row as critics claim underpriced shares will sell the taxpayer short

Royal Mail shares: should you go in for minimum £750?

Personal Finance
Fri 11 Oct, AT 16:23

Past privatisations have proved a mixed bag: if Royal Mail can do a Deutsche Post, there's hope

Fugitive Andrew Moran caught beside pool in Spain - video

Mon 13 May, AT 15:27

Briton on the run since he vaulted over the dock at his 2009 trial for armed robbery

Royal Mail set for autumn stock exchange float

One-Minute Read
Mon 15 Apr, AT 10:10

Employees could receive stakes worth £2,000 each in 'Tell Sid' style sell-off – at knockdown price