Bolshoi's Pavel Dmitrichencko gets 6 years for acid attack

Dancer and two men convicted of brutal attack that nearly blinded company's artistic director Sergei Filin

LAST UPDATED AT 10:47 ON Tue 3 Dec 2013

PAVEL DMITRICHENKO, who was found guilty of organising the acid attack that nearly blinded the artistic director of Russia's Bolshoi Ballet, has been jailed for six years.

Dmitrichenko, one of the Bolshoi's star dancers, was convicted of organising the attack on Sergei Filin which took place outside the director's Moscow flat in January. The 43-year-old had sulphuric acid thrown in his face, badly damaging his eyesight.

The Russian judge presiding over the case said that Dmitrichenko had intentionally caused grevious bodily harm to Sergei Filin.

Dmitrichenko, 29, admitted he wanted Filin "roughed up" but claimed he had not intended for acid to be thrown into his face. Two men who carried out the attack were also convicted today after a month-long trial.

The judge said Dmitrichenko, Yury Zarutsky and Andrey Lipatov were guilty of "inflicting heavy bodily harm" after entering into the criminal conspiracy in October 2012, the Voice of Russia reports.

Zarutsky threw the acid in Filin's face on 17 January, while Lipatov drove the car in which the pair made their getaway. Zarutsky pleaded guilty to the crime, but told the court he acted independently and had not told Dmitrichenko of his plan to use acid.

The judge said the motive for the attack was Dmitrichenko's dissatisfaction with "Filin's actions while allocating roles and giving bonuses". He added: "He [Dmitrichenko] made the criminal plan."

Filin has undergone "scores" of operations to restore his sight. He was not in court to hear today's verdict because he is undergoing more treatment in Germany.

In testimony heard by the court, Filin said he still can't see his children properly and those responsible for the attack should "pay for it in full".

The artistic director also described the minutes he spent writhing in the snow in "unbearable pain" after the acid was flung in his face. As well as damaging his eyesight it caused extensive damage to his face and some internal organs. · 

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