Sandy Hook

Charleston Memorial
25 Jun, 2015

Since 9/11, Islamists have killed about half as many people in the US as white extremists

10 Mar, 2014

Adam Lanza went from buying toys for needy children to a mass murderer, says father Peter

17 Jan, 2014

Connecticut gunman called college station to discuss Travis, a chimp that 'ripped woman's face off'

26 Nov, 2013

Adam Lanza wrote book about children being slaughtered years before carrying out murders

Computer Hacker
10 Jul, 2013

Reece Elliott sentenced to 28 months in jail after Facebook threats sent US schools into lockdown

27 Jun, 2013

Jim Carrey's objection to violence in his own film 'Kick-Ass 2' has sparked a wider debate

18 Apr, 2013

Does US senate's rejection of tighter gun laws mean memory of Sandy Hook massacre is fading?

16 Apr, 2013

Names and faces of those caught up in the carnage are revealed as hunt for perpetrators gathers pace

16 Apr, 2013

Patriots' Day bombs leave three dead: setting and timing could point to right-wing causes