Sandy Hook

Connecticut passes stricter gun laws after Sandy Hook massacre

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Thu 4 Apr, AT 13:59

State introduces America's toughest gun-control laws following murder of 20 children and six adults

Parents of Sandy Hook victims speak out - video

Thu 28 Mar, AT 14:56

Killer had articles about school massacres and the NRA's guide to the basics of pistol shooting

Obama's gun reform plans could define his second term

Talking Point
Thu 17 Jan, AT 10:28

Learning from Reagan? The President will try to harness public opinion as he takes on Congress

NRA releases shooting game for users aged four and above

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Tue 15 Jan, AT 15:36

Pro-gun lobbyists called ‘hypocritical’ after blaming video games for Sandy Hook school massacre

Survivors of Sandy Hook start life again, under police watch

Fri 4 Jan, AT 09:08
Charles Laurence

As Newton's elementary schoolchildren are bussed to a new school, real gun reform looks as unlikely as ever

Will tighter gun controls really stop another school massacre?

Talking Point
Fri 21 Dec, AT 18:35

The rhetoric and the reality: pro-guns NRA said to signing up 8,000 new members a day

Nancy Lanza buried as locals ask: was massacre her fault?

Fri 21 Dec, AT 08:33
Charles Laurence

One week on... private funeral takes place 200 miles away from the scene of Adam Lanza's rampage

Gun control: a change of heart after Newtown massacre?

Wed 19 Dec, AT 13:33

Even the pro-guns National Rifle Association agrees to enter discussions after Sandy Hook tragedy