PM to investigate allegations of Downing St paedophile ring

First Post Wed 24 Oct, AT 14:57

Tom Watson MP demands police investigate claims. Do they refer to Mrs Thatcher's one-time PPS?

Lord Chris Patten

Patten and Entwistle may have to go over Savile, says Tory MP

One-Minute Read Wed 24 Oct, AT 12:17

Sir Roger Gale, an ex-BBC man, questions Patten's wisdom in picking fight with Culture Secretary

Mark Thompson

Savile scandal poses threat to former DG's New York job

Summary Wed 24 Oct, AT 10:37

New York Times ombudsman asks: 'Is he the right person for the job given this turn of events?'

Sex offences: nine allegations over current BBC personnel

First Post Tue 23 Oct, AT 16:27

BBC clarifies comments made by DG George Entwistle before House of Commons committee

George fails to fix it: BBC boss leaves MPs incredulous

Tue 23 Oct, AT 14:41 The Mole

DG still can’t explain his lack of interest in Newsnight probe – and now says it should not have been shelved

Savile scandal: BBC paedophile ring claim in 'grim' Panorama

First Reaction Tue 23 Oct, AT 09:23

Documentary reports claims that Top of the Pops was a centre of abuse and Savile targeted both boys and girls

'BBC has changed its story' says Cameron as editor steps aside

One-Minute Read Mon 22 Oct, AT 15:49

PM says BBC must explain why Newsnight dropped its investigation into Savile as editor Rippon 'steps aside'

George Entwistle

'Crisis at the BBC': what the Panorama team has found out

Summary Mon 22 Oct, AT 13:15

Tonight’s Panorama takes issue with the accounts of Newsnight Editor Peter Rippon and the BBC’s Director-General

Dyke backs BBC bosses as they brace for Savile Panorama

Media Watch Sun 21 Oct, AT 11:44

On eve of crucial Panorama, former DG claims it’s unlikely Newsnight received orders from above – but is he right?

George Entwistle

Jimmy Savile: leaked email shakes BBC defence

Media Watch Fri 19 Oct, AT 16:40

As a crucial email is leaked to The Times, can Panorama get to the bottom of the great Newsnight mystery?