Savile TV mystery: MP piles pressure on BBC DG Entwistle

Media Watch Tue 16 Oct, AT 13:47

‘Very surprising' a journalist like Entwistle would not want to know about Savile doc, says Whittingdale

Murdoch: 'Leveson could end up helping future Jimmy Saviles'

First Post Mon 15 Oct, AT 14:43

Media mogul also rounds on 'scumbag' celebrities and castigates the BBC ahead of crucial AGM

Dave Lee Travis 'put hand up teen's skirt' on Radio 1 show

One-Minute Read Mon 15 Oct, AT 14:38

DLT denies claims that he fondled two women as Savile is accused of abusing 9-year-old cub scout

BBC boss under pressure over 'barely credible' Savile stance

Media Watch Mon 15 Oct, AT 08:27

Why was George Entwistle made DG if he's really so uninterested in programme content?

BBC ignored my Savile abuse complaint, says TV director

One-Minute Read Fri 12 Oct, AT 16:09

David Nicolson caught Savile having sex with a 'very, very young' girl in BBC dressing room

John Peel 'got 15-year-old girl pregnant in three-month affair'

One-Minute Read Fri 12 Oct, AT 10:48

DJ is the latest celebrity to be dragged into the Jimmy Savile sexual abuse scandal at the BBC

Girls told 'pretend to be asleep' as Jimmy Savile visited hospital

One-Minute Read Thu 11 Oct, AT 10:00

Nurses at Stoke Mandeville hospital allegedly knew Savile visited the children's ward to prey on patients

Jimmy Savile's headstone sent to landfill on his family's orders

One-Minute Read Wed 10 Oct, AT 12:51

Memorial dug up overnight as other celebrities face questions from police over sexual abuse

Freddie Starr backtracks over meeting girl on Savile show

One-Minute Read Tue 9 Oct, AT 10:42

Girl who claims Starr abused her can be seen standing behind the comedian in 1974 TV clip

‘Awful’ Savile allegations: BBC apologises and pledges inquiry

One-Minute Read Mon 8 Oct, AT 12:36

But Director General George Entwistle says police must complete criminal investigation first