Samsung smashes Apple in battle of the smartphones

Oct 28, 2011

Figures for the third quarter show Samsung shooting ahead of their arch rivals

SAMSUNG has surged past Apple for smartphone sales in the third quarter to become the world’s largest supplier.

Analysts estimate the South Korean firm shipped 27.8 million smartphones from July to September, claiming 23.8 per cent of the market share. Apple sold just 17.1 million, and their share fell to 14.6 per cent. Nokia are third with 16.8 million sales and 14.4 per cent of the market.

Samsung’s success has been driven by its adoption of Google’s Android software. Its new Galaxy Nexus model has been built in direct partnership with Google, although the company is one of Apple’s major component suppliers.

According to The Daily Telegraph: "the two are locked in an increasingly bitter legal battle over mobile phone patents".

The late Apple CEO Steve Jobs famously vowed to (2) "destroy" Android, which he called a "stolen product".

Apple expects fortunes to improve following the delayed launch of their new iPhone 4S, but Samsung have asked courts in several countries to block sales of the smartphone over alleged patent violations.

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