MSA Trust

The only British charity to fund research into Multiple System Atrophy.

LAST UPDATED AT 15:12 ON Thu 20 Sep 2012

Multiple System Atrophy is a life-limiting neurological brain disease which can affect any adult. Currently one person a day is diagnosed with MSA. It slowly imprisons people in their own bodies. There is no known cure. This is where the MSA Trust comes in. We are the only British charity to fund research into this devastating disease. From the moment of diagnosis we provide MSA-specialist nurses, telephone support, an online forum for people affected by MSA and information for healthcare professionals. But to do this we rely on voluntary donations.£500 can support 50 people newly diagnosed with MSA. £1,000 could run the telephone helpline for a week. £100,000 can help fund research to find a cure. The MSA Trust ­ funding research to free the world of MSA. Find us at or on 020-7940 4666.

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