Amnesty International

Oct 11, 2012

Standing up for humanity and human rights

Shin Dong-Hyuk got a life sentence before he was born. His parents met as prisoners in Camp 14 in North Korea, one of many secret prisons where torture, starvation, slave labour and public execution are daily realities. In North Korea people can get life for criticising the ruling party, though Shin's fate was sealed by being born. At 23, Shin managed to escape. He revealed that he was repeatedly tortured, had been forced to watch his brother and mother executed, and from 13 was made to do back-breaking labour. An estimated 200,000 other prisoners still endure a life of perpetual torment. Amnesty International needs your support to campaign for their release. For more information and to make a donation please visit: or call 020 7033 1700.

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