Dec 7, 2012

An anti-human trafficking organisation working to rescue and rehabilitate those who need it

Odanadi believes that no human being is for sale. We are an anti-human trafficking organisation based in Mysore, South India. Our work involves the rescue and rehabilitation of individuals who have been trafficked, prostituted, enslaved or abused. We offer them a home, counselling, an education and career opportunities. Through awareness-raising, training and advocacy, we also endeavour to contain the rise in human trafficking. Over the last two decades Odanadi has rescued more than 2,000 individuals, carried out more than 50 brothel raids and brought 137 traffickers to justice. If you would like to help us to continue this work, please visit our JustGiving page www.justgiving.com/Odanadi. Your donation will directly help to educate, empower and reintegrate victims of trafficking back into mainstream society. Follow us on Facebook www.facebook.com/Odanadiuk and Twitter @Odanadi for updates on our work.

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