The Tumaini Fund

Alleviating the suffering of Aids widows and orphans in Tanzania

LAST UPDATED AT 14:24 ON Fri 17 May 2013

2013 marks the tenth anniversary of The Tumaini Fund, set up to alleviate the suffering of Aids widows and orphans in Kagera, northwest Tanzania, where figures suggest that HIV carriage is 28% and a third of mothers deliver babies who are HIV positive. In Kagera, children look after children, hand in hand looking for food, with some families headed by 12-year-olds: this is unacceptable. Tumaini now supports 20,000 orphans, providing decent housing, clean water, medical care and access to education.

In Kagera where only 7% of children access secondary education ­ Tumaini hopes to send 8,000 children to secondary school in 2013. These children are courageous and committed ­ some walk 10kms to and from school every day. 100% of all donations are sent to Tanzania. Please visit

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