Charity of the week Thu 17 Jan, AT 11:59

Helping fight poverty for 70 years

Observer row as Julie Burchill goes to war with transsexuals

Media Watch Mon 14 Jan, AT 15:21

Government minister gets involved as Burchill goes OTT in defence of Suzanne Moore

Gay marriage protest shows France plagued by self-doubt

First Post Mon 14 Jan, AT 14:42

The majority of protesters were white, bourgeois and unable to accept that France must change

Queen Elizabeth Foundation

Charity of the week Fri 11 Jan, AT 13:14

A national charity developing vital and services to support adults and children with disabilities

Sex selection abortions

Britain's unwanted girls: stats point to sex-selective abortion

One-Minute Read Fri 11 Jan, AT 09:45

Figures suggest illegal abortions on gender grounds are happening in UK immigrant communities

Cameron and Osborne defend 'wicked' cuts to child benefit

First Reaction Sun 6 Jan, AT 15:30

Tax rises slammed as 'nasty', but PM and Chancellor insist wealthy must sacrifice benefits

Boateng hailed a hero as he leads AC Milan racism walk-off

Talking Point Fri 4 Jan, AT 09:31

Protest 'has done more to tackle racism in one day than Uefa has managed in decades'

Tools for Self Reliance

Charity of the week Tue 1 Jan, AT 08:24

Working to free the world from poverty and hunger

Population 'time bomb' fear as British live for longer

First Reaction Tue 18 Dec, AT 12:14

People in England and Wales have longer life expectancy than ever - which is not all good news

Mothers 'steal to feed children' as poor rely on food banks

First Post Tue 18 Dec, AT 09:56

Shoplifters in deprived areas target essential items, say police, amid growing economic hardship