A ladyboy at a cabaret in Thailand

Third gender laws: Thailand to 'buck the biological binary'

Briefing Mon 19 Jan, AT 15:44

Thailand to recognise a third gender, as attitudes towards transgender and intersex people slowly shift

Richest 1% 'to own more than everyone else combined'

One-Minute Read Mon 19 Jan, AT 10:08

Oxfam warns that such 'staggering' global inequality will set the fight against poverty back decades

Blood Pressure UK

Charity of the week Fri 16 Jan, AT 11:26

Working to lower the nation's blood pressure

Justice for Men and Boys: what we learnt from the manifesto

Summary Wed 14 Jan, AT 15:48

Britain's anti-feminist party says men are underrepresented in politics and compares feminists to Nazis

The YoungMinds Parents' Helpline

Charity of the week Thu 8 Jan, AT 15:35

Free, confidential emotional support

Hangover cures: the world's strangest remedies

Summary Thu 1 Jan, AT 08:00

From dried bull's penis in Italy to the Filipino duck embryo – every culture has its own idea of the best hangover cure


Charity of the week Fri 19 Dec, AT 08:33

Lendwithcare enables people to make small loans to people who want to work their way out of poverty


Charity of the week Fri 12 Dec, AT 13:46

Home-Start's volunteers offer emotional and practical support to more than 69,000 children a year

Iranian couple

'White marriages': Iran's cohabiting couples defy Sharia law

Talking Point Wed 10 Dec, AT 15:00

Clerics promise a crackdown on 'shameful' couples fighting for freedom and independence by moving in together