Charity of the week Fri 27 Sep, AT 11:00

Helping children lead happy and productive lives and providing mental health support


Charity of the week Fri 20 Sep, AT 15:50

Providing emotional support, information and practical help to blind and partially sighted people

Smoking in prisons: a human right or luxury health hazard?

Talking Point Fri 20 Sep, AT 11:26

Ban on smoking in prisons across England and Wales prompts warning that inmates could riot

Burka veil

Cameron backs ban on veils: time for national debate?

Talking Point Mon 16 Sep, AT 16:03

Judge says woman must remove veil during court case as Clegg and Cameron enter the debate


Charity of the week Fri 13 Sep, AT 11:26

Committed to halting the illegal trade in rhino horn and ivory

BlondMcIndoe Research Foundation

Charity of the week Fri 6 Sep, AT 15:03

Working on a range of projects to improve the treatment of severe burns, paediatric scalds, chronic wounds


Charity of the week Fri 30 Aug, AT 12:13

Supports six schools by modernising classrooms and core infrastructure, supplying educational materials, and employing additional teachers

The Cardiomyopathy Association

Charity of the week Fri 23 Aug, AT 16:08

Helps families with expert information and support for those diagnosed with the heart muscle disease


Charity of the week Fri 16 Aug, AT 14:26

Provides food, medicine, clothing, shelter, and education for children sleeping on the streets

Rowan Williams

Rowan Williams: 'Grow up, UK Christians are not persecuted'

One-Minute Read Thu 15 Aug, AT 15:53

Being made fun of is not the same as systematic brutality, says former Archbishop of Canterbury