Staggering school holidays will hurt working parents

Thu 8 May, AT 07:54 Edie Lush

#Staggered: join my campaign to keep school holidays unified - David Cameron is wrong

Migrant workers protest in Trafalgar Square

UK immigration statistics: the data behind the headlines

Briefing Tue 6 May, AT 10:31

How has the UK’s ethnic make-up changed and has immigration always been on the increase?

Glitz, guns and Pistorius: what haunts white South African men

Tue 6 May, AT 08:20 The Conversation

The country's brittle, edgy atmosphere has its roots in apartheid, argues Marlene van Niekerk

The Dallaglio Foundation

Charity of the week Fri 2 May, AT 09:37

Using sport to help young people tackle life’s challenges

People dancing around the May pole

May Day: an ancient festival with a pagan twist

Briefing Wed 30 Apr, AT 16:18

Ancient Egyptians held the first May Day celebrations, but most British customs have Celtic roots

Secret filming in care home exposes taunts and abuse

One-Minute Read Wed 30 Apr, AT 09:42

One staff member sacked and seven suspended after investigation reveals poor care for elderly


Charity of the week Fri 25 Apr, AT 13:30

PSDS is a registered charity affiliated to the Down’s syndrome Association.

Cornish flag

What 'national minority' status will mean for Cornwall

Briefing Thu 24 Apr, AT 12:24

The UK will recognise Cornish people as a minority group – but what does that mean in practice?

A drunken man is led away by Police officers

Why violent crime has fallen for five years in a row

Briefing Wed 23 Apr, AT 10:35

The NHS treated 32,800 fewer victims of violent attacks last year – but what caused the drop?

The St George flag

St George's Day: why England won't celebrate its patron saint

Briefing Tue 22 Apr, AT 14:25

How St George, a third-century Roman soldier from modern-day Turkey, came to be patron saint of England