A member of the right-wing EDL (English Defence League)

A third of British people admit to racial prejudice

One-Minute Read Wed 28 May, AT 10:20

Racism is 'on the rise' according to a new survey, which finds three in ten admit to feelings of prejudice

Bees for development

Charity of the week Fri 23 May, AT 13:02

Assist beekeepers in deprived areas of the world to lift them out of poverty

Junk food

Food should be regulated like tobacco, campaigners say

One-Minute Read Mon 19 May, AT 11:00

Unhealthy foods are as big a global health risk as cigarettes, obesity groups warn

Police are addressed by a senior officer

Bullying at Police Federation 'rivals any soap opera', say MPs

One-Minute Read Fri 16 May, AT 09:56

Federation chairman says he was 'ridiculed and verbally attacked' for trying to implement change

The White Ribbon Alliance

Charity of the week Fri 16 May, AT 08:20

Working to make deaths from childbirth a thing of the past

Mousetrap Theatre Projects

Charity of the week Fri 9 May, AT 14:00

Dedicated to bringing the magic of theatre into the lives of disadvantaged young people

New Battle of the Sexes will only end when internet grows up

Fri 9 May, AT 09:28 Holden Frith

Kirsty Wark documentary addresses online abuse but fails to tackle the witless misogynists

Halal chickens hang for sale on a butchers stall

Halal: what is halal meat and is it inhumane?

Briefing Thu 8 May, AT 11:59

Millions in the UK may be eating unlabelled halal meat. Here are the facts about religious slaughter practices

Staggering school holidays will hurt working parents

Thu 8 May, AT 07:54 Edie Lush

#Staggered: join my campaign to keep school holidays unified - David Cameron is wrong

Migrant workers protest in Trafalgar Square

UK immigration statistics: the data behind the headlines

Briefing Tue 6 May, AT 10:31

How has the UK’s ethnic make-up changed and has immigration always been on the increase?