Sexy and he knows it: diver Tom Daley releases beach video

Feb 10, 2012

GB diving team get together for spoof music video ahead of London Olympics

TEAM GB diver Tom Daley has shown that the stress of preparing for the London Olympics doesn’t seem to be getting him down too much, by releasing a tongue-in-cheek music video. 

The film has Daley and his teammates on a beach, miming and dancing along to LMFAO’s hit song Sexy And I Know It while sporting an assortment of skimpy swimwear.

Fans had been warned on Tuesday that the video was coming when the 17-year-old tweeted: "The British divers' version of the @LMFAO video is out very soon!!! You are all going to love it... be prepared for a lot of skin ;)"

It arrived last night complete with lot of bare flesh, as promised, and some slightly dodgy dancing.

Those who have Daley pegged as a medal contender at this year’s Olympics will be relieved to see that the diver looks in considerably better shape than the man he is mimicking, LMFAO’s lead singer Stefan Gordy.

Daley will now be turning his attention to this weekend’s trip to Southend for the British Diving training camp ahead of his first competition of the Olympic year - the Fina Visa World Cup, which is being held in the London Olympics aquatics centre from February 20-26. After that he’ll take part in events in Dubai, Beijing, Moscow, Tijuana and Eindhoven before heading home for the Olympics in July.

On YouTube, attention is still very much on the video where it’s gaining in popularity by the hour. Comments are broadly complimentary, with one user suggesting: "Awesome. I bet this gets played over and over during the Olympic TV coverage. Especially when they take home a handful of Gold medals."

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