Haye taunts Klitschko with decapitation iPhone app

David Haye poster

British boxer winds up his opponent with mobile phone game in which he knocks his rival’s head off

BY Bill Mann LAST UPDATED AT 10:07 ON Wed 15 Jun 2011

David Haye was in characteristically ebullient form during his last press conference before his heavyweight title bout with Wladimir Klitschko on July 2. The 30-year-old Haye, the WBA heavyweight champion, steps into the ring with Klitschko in Hamburg next month, and the Briton is confident by the end of the night he will have deprived the Ukrainian of his WBO, IBF and IBO belts.

"This occasion does not get any bigger, it is without doubt the biggest heavyweight showdown in many years and I have to be at my very best to win the fight," declared the self-styled 'Hayemaker'.

Unlike some of his previous appearances before the press, Haye kept the verbal insults to a minimum, but he appears to have diversified into other media when it comes to winding up his opponents.

Two years ago he wore a t-shirt that depicted him holding the severed heads of Klitschko and his boxing brother Vitali (who holds the WBC title).

He had been dared to wear it again by his opponent, but declined. Instead he unveiled a poster which shows him knocking someone very much like Klitschko's head off, and told the press: "I've released an iPhone game called 'David Haye's Knockout'. It lets you knock an anonymous Eastern European's head off."

The gory poster promoting the game is not definitely of Klitschko, but Haye mad it clear who he had in mind when he explained the game further. "It's to show people tactically how to beat someone," he said. "Someone like Wladimir for instance."

"I know it will get under his skin big time when he finds out how popular it's been and how many downloads there are," crowed Haye.

Back in the real world the Bermondsey fighter admitted that Klitschko was in good shape but said he wouldn't have encountered any opponent quite like him. "He has not met any fighter with my speed or condition. He is used to fighting overrated fatties who prefer to do their workouts by eating plenty of fast food."

Over 7,000 British boxing fans are expected to be in Hamburg to watch one the most keenly-awaited heavyweight title fights in years. Haye has no doubt he will emerge victorious and gave short shrift to a journalist who questioned whether he had the stamina to survive if he didn't succeed in knocking out his bigger opponent early on. "I have proved time and time again the longer the fight goes on the harder I punch," Haye retorted. "Let me make it perfectly clear, I will do whatever it takes to win the fight".

Haye's willingness to play the bad guy in the lead up to the fight is in stark contrast to the 35-year-old Klitschko, who charms everyone he meets.  The Ukrainian is preparing for the fight in Tyrol, Austria, and recently invited some boxing reporters to watch him train. Having praised Haye's boxing skills, Klitschko then spoke at length about his children's charity and revealed that a fight fan had donated £300,000 in return for carrying one of his title belts into the ring on July 2.

Such acts of compassion won't go down well with Haye, who has said in the past that the Klitschkos are so soft they are more like sisters than brothers. · 

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