Breakthrough for netball as New Zealand team deploy rugby tactic

May 22, 2012

Kiwi defender Anna Harrison unveils radical new lifting move to thwart Aussies

NETBALL may not appear to have much in common with rugby but players from a New Zealand professional team took a leaf out of the All Blacks' book in a game against Australian opponents this weekend.

Several times during the match between Kiwi side Northern Mystics and the Melbourne Vixens on Sunday, Mystics defender Anna Harrison batted away shots on goal with the help of a teammate, who lifted her into the air like a rugby player at a lineout.

The tactic did not go down well with Vixens supporters but apparently there is nothing illegal about it and other players heralded the manoeuvre, dubbed the 'chair lift', as a breakthorugh for the sport.

Mo'oina Gerrard, who plays for the New South Wales Swifts, told the Sydney Morning Herald: "It's being creative, it's out of the box, stretching the rules and now it's been exposed. They might have to rewrite the rules but I hope they don't. It's a whole new ball game now."

Other former players have come forward to say that the move is not entirely new, it's just never been used before on the court because it is so hard to execute.

Demelza McCloud, of the Southern Steel team told the New Zealand Herald she had practised the move but "no-one actually had the balls to try it on court".

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